Frogs are lucky!  

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7/25/2006 12:17 pm

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Frogs are lucky!

I went to work for Rosie and Rolf today. It was a rough day. Rolf's Alzheimer’s was in full swing today. I should have been ready for it, cause I know that he was not going to keep having "good" days for long. But, the last two Tuesdays were so enjoyable, a tiny part of me was hoping for another good day. Nope. It didn't happen today. Not only did I have to crush up Rolf's pills in some applesauce but later on he also accused me of trying to poison him when he was eating his breakfast. This is not unusual behavior for older folks with Alzheimer’s. But, it does get a little bit exasperating listening to all the negative comments.

While, I just ignore everything Rolf says, Rosie has very little patience with Rolf when he gets this way. She can be quite sharp in her remarks. When Rolf complained that his coffee was cold, she snapped, "Just hold the cup under your arm pit, dear". "That should warm it up very quickly". When Rolf poked at his ham and grumbled about having to eat something so tough and hard, Rosie shot back "don't worry about it, sweetie, it goes with your hard head"! As you can no doubt tell, Rosie uses endearments when she is put out with Rolf. She says these endearments in this sugary, sweet sounding voice, just dripping with sarcasm. That is the only time Roses uses endearments and Rolf knows that when she starts calling him honey, dear, and sweetie; he has stepped over the line and is in the area of seriously pissing off his wife.

I was doing pretty well, not stressing out, handling the negative comments from Rolf and the snappy comebacks from Rosie. But, then Rolf said I was trying to poison him and Rosie rolled her eyes as she sweetly said, "Honey, there would be no "trying" about it". "If she was going to poison you, you'd already be dead and shaking hands with God"! That did it. I couldn't take it any more. I calmly put down the dish of scrambled eggs and slowly walked to the kitchen door. But, once I was on the other side I had to hold a hand over my mouth and run for the back porch. There I bent over and laughed and laughed till my stomach hurt and tears streamed down my face.

After I had calmed myself down, I went back into the kitchen and washed up the dishes. I would chuckle occasionally as I remembered the comments Rosie made to Rolf. The remembering helped me to be positive with Rolf, as the rest of the morning was very frustrating. Rolf wouldn't cooperate at all. I finally gave up and told Rosie he would just have to go with out, his bath and with out doing his physical therapy exercises for today.

Rosie agreed and suggested we take a break from caring for Rolf. This meant that we were going to do something fun together. Fun for Rosie means we was either going to cook or work with plants in some way. Sure enough we ended up doing the later of the two.

On the front porch Rosie has these two hanging baskets that she likes to fill with petunias. The front porch is in shade all day and is a perfect place for petunias. The two of us had a great time as we sat out there chatting, putting in the potting soil and the plants.

As we were cleaning up, I moved the potting soil bag and out hopped a frog. Rosie likes to encourage frogs to stay around her yard and so, knowing this, I chased the frog until I caught it behind the legs of the porch swing. Rosie came up to me and we both studied the frog for a minute. I know nothing about frogs, but that one seemed healthy to me. As we were looking at it, Rosie said, Frogs are so lucky. I asked why do you say that and she said, because they get to eat what bugs them! As I bent down to put the frog in the flowerbed, Rosie put her hand under her chin and said, "Hmmm, perhaps this fella can help me by eating Rolf!" I practically fell in the flowerbed as I once more was over come with laughter.

Slinging my arm around Rosie's shoulder I hugged her and we both laughed as we went back into the house to see if we could convince Rolf to take a shower now.

Is there anyone or anything that bugs you? I know I have several and I am wishing for a handy frog right about now...

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7/25/2006 2:16 pm

rosie is fast becoming my hero - more please

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

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7/25/2006 11:06 pm

    Quoting wickedeasy:
    rosie is fast becoming my hero - more please
Rosie is an unusual woman. I have grown to love her and Rolf. On Tuesdays I will write about them.

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