Falsely Accused  

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8/16/2006 10:18 am

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Falsely Accused

My daughter and I had a little bit of a tiff a few days ago. I was missing a silk shirt. The shirt is my favorite shade of blue and I haven’t had it very long. I really wanted to wear the shirt when I went out to eat lunch with some friends this past Saturday.

Well, do ya think I was able to find that shirt? Heck no! I looked everywhere for it. Then I started asking the people around me if they had seen it. I asked my husband and son if they had seen it. Of course my son said no right away. He rarely notices what I am wearing. My husband said he thought I had worn it to the rehearsal dinner the night before Sarah was married and maybe I left it in the dressing room when I had changed clothes. So, I called out to the ranch. They said they hadn’t noticed a shirt left there but that I was welcome to drive out there and look for it. This I did. I searched every closet and dressing room in the place and did not find the shirt. By this time I was pretty upset about not being able to find that shirt.

I hate when that happens. When I know I had something and then just cannot find it when I need to. Many times I end up finding the missing item in the oddest place. There was the time I couldn’t find my sunglasses and searched and searched only to be told by my son that they were on top of my head! Duh! Boy, did I feel foolish.

On the way home from the ranch I mentally went over where that shirt could be. I kept coming up with the same conclusion. My daughter just had to have borrowed my shirt. That happens quite frequently. Ever since she turned 16 and was able to wear my clothes, Sarah has borrowed them. And it’s just not clothes that she borrows. Shoes, socks, jewelry, make-up, if she sees it she wants to borrow it.

Her borrowing my things wouldn't be a problem except that she doesn’t always ask before she borrows. And she doesn’t always return what she has borrowed. This has been an on-going struggle between the two of us for many years. I must say she has gotten somewhat better these last few years since she went to college.

I decided that Sarah had my shirt. I knew she did and was upset that she took it with out asking. When I got home from the ranch I called Sarah and we talked about the blouse. I held my temper and asked politely if she knew where my blue shirt was. I even described it when she asked which blue shirt I was talking about. Sarah said she didn’t know where it was but that she would come over and help me look for it. So, she came over and for three hours we looked and looked for that shirt.

When we finally gave up looking for the shirt and sat down in the living room. I asked are you sure you don’t know where that shirt is? Are you sure you didn’t borrow it? Of course Sarah got defensive and denied over and over that she had it. I just knew she had to have the shirt. I even told her I wasn’t angry that she had my shirt I just wanted it back!

By this time Sarah was angry too and left the house saying she was tired of being accused of something she didn’t do.

This morning I got a phone call from the people at the ranch. It seems that they found my shirt. It had gotten pushed over and mixed in with the owner’s shirts. So, now I have to call my daughter up and apologize for falsely accusing her of taking my shirt.

How about you? Have you ever falsely accused someone? Did you apologize?

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11/28/2006 9:24 am

The Golden Egg

Just a Golden Egg for you!

Life is a journey, just ride~
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12/4/2006 11:30 pm


Thank you. That is such a kind thing for you to take the time to do.
*smiles and a brotherly hug.

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