Guidance please- I'm British.  

Buster10178 38M
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1/10/2006 10:38 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Guidance please- I'm British.

Finally taken the plunge and signed up to this site. I guess I'm bored of the pressure you can feel when you're trying to pull in bars. I've long since given up on that being the sole reason for going out to bars. I just liek to have a good time and if I get lucky, so to speak, then its a bonus!

How do you move from the just friends to something more >>! (I've resisted the urge to pinch the slogan from a poster advertising a new film ,which is splahed all over the place at the mo - can you guess the film? Answers in a postcard to...)

You could say I'm a virgin at this. I was really hoping some of you lovely people could give me some pointers and advice on how to make my profile scorching hot! All advice welcome! Do I say that I'm hung like a horse and boast about any Casanova-like gifts? Or do I be more down to earth and say what I like doing in life (not just the bedroom), and what I'm looking for in a partner, not just their vital statistics and filthy desires.

Come on you lovely people, do your care for the community

sassybelle21 32F
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1/10/2006 11:39 am

(Slaps knees) I don't know which film it's from Here's my useless advice...

1. Be honest about who and what you are.
2. Be more specific on who and what you are really looking for.
3. Put up a good face shot instead of cock shot as your main photo because most of us are already bored of being bombarded by fugly cock photos on here.
4. Always read profiles before contacting a lady.
5. Treat the women with respect all the time.
6. Send a straightforward yet decent email not one liners or eroticas.
7. If you get no reply from a lady (in general) it means she's not interested.
8. If a lady reply but rejected you, don't get all nasty.
9. When #7 and #8 happen, move on and search further. To find a good playmate takes a lot of patience and time.

Can't think of more because I just woke up

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