Lonely, But Satisfied  

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5/1/2005 1:08 am

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Lonely, But Satisfied

What a cyber day I've had. I don't seem to be able to connect with either my guy pal or my gal pal in real time, so we write stories back and forth. I wrote a scene for my guy pal before I went out this evening and for my gal pal when I came home.

I sit here all alone but I swear I can feel their hands and lips all over me. My cunt doesn't seem to mind that we're all alone, it gets wetter and wetter as I write my stories. I touch myself and stroke my lips and type to them how good it feels. I've never found masturbating all that thrilling. It's a release but a very distant second compared with the real thing, but writing my scenes to my two pals is very different. My imagination soars. My nipples become hard, my cunt becomes wet. I can make myself come moving back and forth in my chair while I write. I love when I can write them that I'm actually coming from writing to them and I hope that they will come too when they read the scene.

I don't know if my gal pal and I will ever meet. We're in two different cities and have life committments that make it hard to connect. I've met my guy pal and we're planning an actual physical encounter soon. We already know what each of us likes because we've played it out in our scenes. If I can get this wet and come just from writing to him, I can't wait for the big O when I actually get to feel his hands and mouth all over me and his cock inside of me. Now, off to bed to think of them - a virtual threesome - fantastic.

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