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4/23/2005 11:56 am

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Two months have gone by since my last post. It's been a hectic two months, lots of life changes. Wasn't feeling very frisky for awhile but I'm back.

I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be bi-sexual. Some people don't even think it's possible. I've known since my twenties that I was attracted to both men and women.

Was an incredibly horny teenager and loved to make out with guys. Then in college I fell in love with a woman. Unfortunately for me, as fond as she was of me, it was strictly friendship. But it opened up my mind to new possibilites.

My first experience with a woman was not that great. It was with a woman who had been "pursuing" me for awhile. I got drunk and went to bed with her and it wasn't very satisfying. Tried it again with another woman, same results. None of us were very experienced in girl on girl and we went at it like guy on girl with not very good results.

Then I went to bed with a woman who had girl on girl experience. What a difference. Slow undressing of each other. Hours of just necking before we got down to anything else. Feeling a soft woman's lips against my breast. I was so turned on I came just from having my nipple sucked on.

I really came into my own with her and another female lover. The next time I was with a man, the experience I had gained with women really enhanced the experience.

I fell in love with another woman and spent many years with her. Now I'm on my own again and am finding the internet a great way to "have my cake and eat it too." I have online gal pals and guy pals. I'm open to anything. Looking for the right person, not a particular gender and in the meantime having lots of online fun.

I know this doesn't work for everyone. Lot's of people are only attracted to one sex. I feel I have the best of both worlds.

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