Walking thru memories part 2  

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4/13/2006 6:21 pm

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Walking thru memories part 2

Dad you broke me heart so many times, telling me you were going to make me the best wife an man would want , at first I believed you, I didnt even know what as happening since you started all this when i was so young. You bastard , you horrible sick man.

Hiding in the dark I can remeber the screams , disconnected from me someone else far away.

I hear that baby crying and I cannot help her, cannot find her so far away and she is in pain

You come and find me in the kitchen, under the sink. The look in your eyes tells me you will leave now .....had enough

But please just know one thing, I don't mean to do these things. It just happens l am confused myself at these things... cutting my hair...cutting...

The rain slows not as loud now, and I am not as scared ... but I have lost again...I think it is time to quit trying...just accept .. to be alone

can you understand what is wrong with me ?.. if you do I would like to maybe chat...maybe you won't leave...maybe we can talk and I will explain

I will try ... if you can accept me , if we can meet halfway.. maybe

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