A favor returned - wife borrowed for a day  

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8/15/2006 7:50 am

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A favor returned - wife borrowed for a day

I have a friend whose wife is Indian (from India). I did him a favor once and he said he would like to pay me back with whatever I wanted and winked. We did not socialize much but he invited me for tea to his house. When I saw his wife, I flipped. She was an amazingly pretty woman about 27 yrs old. Beautiful big black eyes and light golden skin and a figure to die for. She had a backless choli (blouse) over a black saree tied well below the navel and exposing the beautiful skin of her tight and shapely stomach. I flipped. We joked about our promise and I asked him “whatever” and he winked and said whatever. I went home and could not get her out of my mind and was scared to ask the guy outright. I had to have her somehow. So I called him over for a drink one evening and we started to drink. I got him drunk more and egged the conversation towards his wife. Sure, he came out saying she was one hell of hot one and gave the best head, was extremely wild in bed and screamed while having orgasms. That he would love to watch her being fucked. I was stunned ‒ could not believe my luck and this guy must be crazy to let anyone near his pretty wife but I was consumed with lust for this pretty woman. I casually reminded him of his promise and that I wanted her for a day. After I had blurted this I thought to myself ‒ that it’s, you have blown a chance. I was shocked when he looked at me and said that he would loan her to me for a day. I said he should send her to me just wearing a dress enough to cover her ass - no bras and panties and let me do whatever. He was suddenly quite but I could see he was really turned on by my proposal. So there she was one day at my door, he came to leave her and told me to be good to her and left. She came inside and sat quietly on the sofa, I asked her for coffee and she said she would make it for me. Then she started to clean around the house. She was simply great. In half an hour she had my house all cleaned and settled. I could hardly believe that this was my house. When she bent to pick up things, her dress would go far up and I could see the rounded curves of her asscheeks. Her dress was low cut in the front and with no bra, her round breasts and hard nipples were driving me nuts. I was dying with a raging hard on as I knew I could have her any time I wanted. She sat down to drink the coffee and I told her - take of your dress, she hesitated and then looked at me. I said - take your dress off. She turned and took off her dress and turned facing me. Her nipples were like erasers and her pussy was completely shaved and bald. She had an amazing lean figure ‒ her breasts jutted out. I asked her to sit there and have her tea and then asked her - did she like what she was doing here. She said she had never done it before and that her husband had said that she was mine for the day. She had never seen any other man’s cock - My cock could not take it anymore, I asked her to come and take my shorts off and suck my cock, she came over and unbuttoned my shorts and dragged my shorts over my hips. My cock was dripping of cum, she was startled to see my hard raging cock. She took it in her hands and slowly started to massage and then she brought her pretty round lips around it and started to suck me slowly. I said suck it hard and show me how good a cocksucker you are ...she was very good and she licked my balls and sucked and deep throated me ‒ I caught the nape of her head and face fucked her ‒ then I shot into her mouth with the intensity of a water main opened suddenly and she drank all my cum and it poured over on her breasts. I asked her to call her husband and narrate to him what she had just done with me. She got on the call and spoke to him in wavering voice. He wanted to speak to me. He begged me to keep the phone on while I fucked her so that he could hear everything I did to his wife. I then asked her to open her legs and show me her pussy. She was wet and slippery and was extremely aroused too. I asked her to keep telling me how she was liked what I did to her ‒ wanting her to speak as much as possible as her husband was listening. I then rolled my finger tips over her erect nipples and gently pinched her them and started to suck her breasts. She was moaning and breathing very heavily and her whole body was shaking and convulsing in a very sexy manner. I kept sucking her breasts and then licked her stomach teasing her for almost 10 minutes, She was now begging me to fuck her ‒ she was moaning and her pussy was almost flowing like a little river, I had never experienced someone cumming so much without even fucking her. Then I lifted her and opened her legs wide and started to lick her very wet pussy ‒ she was screaming now and I was worried about the neighbors but being a holiday they had all gone out. I picked up the phone and asked her husband ‒ how was he ‒ he was literally begging me to fuck her but I kept eating and licking her pussy ‒ she was screaming hoarsely ‒ finally I could not take more, I opened her legs wide and asked her to beg me ‒ look at my cock as I spread her swollen pussy lips wide and with one stroke I was balls deep inside her ‒ she screamed hard as even with so much lubrication, she was tight and very slippery and velvety. She brought her knees to her breasts and I stayed in hoping not to shoot immediately. I savored the tightness of her pussy and then I started to slowly pull out all the way and slammed hard again- she almost lifted her round ass six inches of the bed and screamed as I plowed her hard and fast. She was begging me to stop but I kept pounding her, my balls swelled and I must have shot my cum deep into her as she convulsed and came. She was holding me so tight; I thought she was going to pass out. It took us about 15 minutes to get back to normal again. She looked at me and gave me a French kiss and said that this was one of the best deals she had made with her husband. I did not understand first. Then she explained that she and her husband had this fantasy of a threesome and had liked me when I met them briefly at a friend’s party. She would masturbate all the time thinking of me. They plotted this and made it look that I was the seducer. It was one hell of a day. I have never experienced the level of sexual intensity that I felt that day!! Even when I think of it - my mind goes into a real spin.

If you liked my narration, please do comment ‒ Thanks.

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8/15/2006 9:59 am

OMG! Awesome! I love reading a narration of such detail! It's such a turn on to read of an actual encounter...not someone fantasy. So, have you considered going in on that 3some? At the very least, remind them it is time to straighten your house again! Have fun.

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