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5/4/2005 8:40 pm

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Re Focus

What I did to my boyfriend was so wrong, and such a complete violation of trust and of our entire relationship. I knew it was bad when I was doing it, but I never imagined the repurcussions of my actions would be so far reaching and damaging to him, and to us. I figured it'd be cut and dry, we'd either break up, or he wouldn't even mention it to me again. But here we are, in the throws of reconciliation, and he hates me, though slightly less than I hate myself. We can't even drive down some of the roads around here because he knows that one of the guys I met took me to a motel along that route. It's altered everything from the simple niceties to the blood and guts of our relationship. I made my boyfriend feel insignificant and small, when he is absolutely the MOST important person in my life. I promise that I will NEVER take your love for granted again. You are so good to me, and someday, I will try my hardest to be just as good to you.

rm_martydm 51M

5/4/2005 9:49 pm

Its good to see you express yourself...letting it out and writing about it...helping you & him deal w/ the situation as opposed to pretending it didn't happen...its quite hard for you two right now but as you continue to share, talk, and write about your feelings, the closer you get to mending your relationship w/ each other...I admire your decision to stay together to make it work because it was probably the hardest way to deal w/ it but it will the most rewarding in the end...I also admire the fact you are able to tell everyone how you feel and to expose yourself...Keep working at this because this will probably have the most rewarding outcomes for all the effort you are putting in to this because it is for your love for each worth it...

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