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4/4/2005 11:07 pm

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Mr. School teacher finally did call tonight. I had given up hope, but he came through. So 2 of my 4 scheduled dates for this week seem like they're still on... One of them never called Sunday night, the other one I ended up not being able to make cuz of school. Looks like I'll still have fun though... I figured out that it's kind of better to plan on meeting more people in a week than you probably want to, because something will inevitably go wrong, and then you'll be left high and dry.

Two comments I'd like to address:

1. I understand all of you women out there trying to tell me what's good for me, and you're probably right, but I really CAN'T leave my b/f until our lease runs out in August, or else I'm stuck with no place to stay and an obligation to still pay for half the rent on this place. Plus, he doesn't leave me COMPLETELY unsatisfied, or I wouldn't have moved in with him in the first place... I think we're kind of in an extended slump. The funny part is, we've been getting along great since I started cheating on him.

2. As far as being nervous to meet people from AdultFriendFinder goes, there are a few things I've done that have helped so far:

a. Get a picture; in fact, get as many pictures from them as possible. If they're trying to fake you out, they probably don't have 5 pics of the same person they're pretending to be...

b. Most of the creeps seem to act like creeps right of the bat... If they send you ridiculously dirty messages right away, or try to get you off track when you ask them questions, they're probably bad news. Also, if they obviously didn't read a word of your profile and say things like, "You're HOW old?" Or, "oh, you have a b/f?", they might not be worth investing too much time in.

c. I also tend to avoid dealing with people who keep sending me pictures of their junk. I guess that some girls might not mind that, but I for one find it awfully presumptuous of people to assume that just because they have a big penis I'm first of all going to think they're hot stuff, and second of all going to want to fuck them. I've made some exceptions, but mostly stay away, unless they send you a face pic fairly soon after initial contact.

d. Talk on the phone with the person. You might not be comfortable giving them your #, and if that's the case, try and get theirs. It made me a lot more comfortable once I actually talked to the guys for real before we met. They seem more like genuine people, and it's a lot harder to cover up being a pervert over the phone than online.

When you set up a date to meet someone for the first time, if you're nervous you might be in for more than you bargained for, meet in a public or semi-public place. I was stupid, and hopped right in the car with my first guy, but it's probably a good idea NOT to. Also, leave yourself an out if things get to be too much for you. Most guys are understanding if you get uncomfortable once you meet; the good ones are anyway.

I hope that this helps any of you who have been uncomfortable with meeting people you've talked to on this site! That's what AdultFriendFinder is for, so be safe, and have some fun!

rm_martydm 51M

4/5/2005 11:55 am

Some really good advice you have here. I hope people read this and heed some, if not, all of it. I must admit you're really cool about how open you are and giving people a peek into who you are (other than sexually) and the person you are. You paint a picture of fun gal w/ pretty good outlook and some good common sense. I'd love to just hang out and chat some time over coffee or tea. I'm sure you are quite the conversationalist. I hope you enjoy the beautiful day today (Tue,4/5) and have some ice cream!! Spring is finally here!! Have a good one...Ciao bella!

SKnight91 40M

4/5/2005 2:52 pm

I agree with Mike- you seem like a genuinely nice, interesting and passionate woman! You would definitely be a cool person to just hang out and chill with!

Briefly addressing your comments- there are probably a lot of nice, decent guys on AdultFriendFinder that are looking for the same things that the nice girls are looking for... but the bad apples ruin it for the decent guys! Glad to see you're faring well with the decent guys though.

If you ever are in the NJ-NY area, let me know! You sound fascinating, and I'd love to meet the person I've been reading about! Have a wonderful day!

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