Encounter #2 with Guy #1  

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3/31/2005 10:23 pm

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Encounter #2 with Guy #1

Well, I have officially dropped my IM sn from my profile. Sorry guys! I just couldn't deal with all of your sexy selves at once Just write me and if I like you I'll give it to you.

So plans sort of fell through with a nice guy that I had arranged to meet today. Damned b/f was around too much for me to sneak out of the apartment for fun this morning. Oh well, we're trying for next Wednesday instead.

I'm really hoping that the guy I cybered with doesn't chicken out on me. He seemed really cool, and we definitely had similar fantasies. There's another guy too... a 33 year old who looks pretty smokin' and just my type. I really, really want to hook up with him. And then I'm going out with a guy on Sunday or Monday night who seems really nice and has actually taken a lot of time to talk to me before we meet, but in a way that I don't feel suffocated, which is nice.

So anyway, I unexpectedly hooked up with Guy #1 again tonight, a bit earlier in the evening than last time. He's a really nice guy, and the sex just blew my mind. If we get together again, I AM GOING TO MAKE HIM FLIP HIS LID!!! It's only right, since mine got flipped too many times to count He totally rocked my world. I think at the very least he's amused by me... I AM lots of fun )

So I'm having so much fun right now. I've gotta go take a nice, hot shower now so I don't smell like sex when the b/f returns in the morning. Love you all!!!

nightstogether 56M

4/1/2005 4:03 am

Great to see that you're having fun, and hope that it keeps on coming out rosy for you; without any bf problems ....

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