Philosopher,or lunatic? Nope just me.  

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8/7/2005 5:14 pm

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Philosopher,or lunatic? Nope just me.

There are many laws of attraction and each one changes from one person to the next..from one tic of the clock to the next.

What are we to do? some set the rules of engagement on this constant battle based upon what they see...and others based upon whats said.some based upon a likelyhood of what should take place.

but all plans and best set objectives to reach
all fly out the window once the first shot is fired... I'm telling you love and sex is war.
we all carry battle scars,visions of old battles won or lost.
some recover some dont.

When the lights finnaly fade out for the last time, and our souls have departed, what then was it all for? we all know that we dont get out of life alive. so tell me why is it that people act or react to things of so little importance in the greater scheme of things?

We are here for one reason, to live and enjoy the short life for which we are given. each thing we learn or new thing we try is an experience that helps us on our next journey. we each give something to the next person we cross paths with thru-out or lives. and thats the true messure of life. what you give and how much you give to the next persons journey thru the wheel of endless time. no pearly gates ,no firey rivers in hell to torment you, no path to being a demi-god. just another plane of existance.

when you look at a piece of paper how many sides does it have? surely you dont believe it has just two! what about the sides you ignore on a daily basis? the top edge,bottom edge,the left edge, the right edge. those are sides to,the edges take up some if very little space to be considered a side.. so what other things have you missed or failed to see today?

some think this a mad rambling, others think it a joke. maybe some deeper philosophy?

its something different to everyone while all are right they are all still so very wrong. this world isnt in black and white, there is a grey area thats why its a three demensional and not only two.

which is my point, not all short people are small. and no matter how hot you think you are... you as a person can still be very ugly.

Give something some one can use on thier journey besides a bad experience to help them on thier way. doesnt have to be sex, or a nude picture of some flawless body. why not try saying hello..make a friend and be the cause of a big smile that runs from ear to ear.

this Is a post of thanks to another member
and the reason is simple. After just browsing lastnight. and reading profile after profile just because I like to do things like read or look at pics.. and in some small measure in a round about sence "meeting" new people thru browsing. I did see a visualy entising woman, and probably put her in my hotlist to maybe email her to find out what kinda person she is. her profile did have a whole lot to go by. and I put 95% more people in my hotlist then I will ever make contact with im sure. but ya know what makes me contact that 5%? a wink, being added to thier hotlist, or an invitation to thier friend list. yep sad isnt it? only 5% will ever add something to help me along my journey.

So here is a thank you to sarafina8973 for sending me an invite,adding me to her hotlist.

and more thank you's go out to everyone in my network. Work has been far more hectic then usual. and I still Plan on emailing those in my network, that have gone neglected so far.

While a person might not visualy stimulate us
they can be the spark that sets us off.
we all like beauty but are blind to that which is most beautifull that which we call spirit, mind,and soul. not just body.

Our body stays when we move on in our journey, so what is it we can take? seems to me we all need to stock up on the things that go with us, and not tinker as much with that which we cannot.

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