Older women & the BoyToy  

TibetKrebsBoson 43M
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7/10/2005 1:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Older women & the BoyToy

Well I was making a reply to mzhunyhole's BOY TOY blog . where I happened to catch BLONDENEEDSSEX and her comment on.. at what age does an older woman draw the line for younger men he comment was to the effect that the younger male should be older then her son. and while I can see why she would set that age line for a boy toy and that it would pose a moral issue like pedophilia in a sense. that's just not the case. I myself preferred older women,

The oldest I have been with was 48 . which is a 17 year age difference. My father is only 16 years older then myself having become a father at 16 while my mother just turned 20.

Any how what I think most people fail to realize the most obvious factors.
IT IS NOT YOUR SON nor will he like being thought of or treated as your son ...

ok well there actually might be some guys that get off on that. but the majority wont

secondly A man is a Man and at the age of 18 the law recognizes him as such

thirdly each person must be treated like an individual. we as people loose sight of that most important fact all to often. we tend to try and simplify everything and put people in a category or stereotype. some people reach a state of mental maturity before others.
while some never seem to reach it all.

My suggestion to BLONDENEEDSSEX is to not place
an age restriction on a boy toy . hey good sex is the only sex worth having with that age restriction you might miss out on great sex. and even more importantly you might never meet a young mentally mature male and a helluva guy.

I think the older / younger topic is a really deep issue and there are tons of people who like an older lover or prefer the younger one

and that there are already a few of those groups out there but I think I'm going to start my own blog group that deals only with older women younger men. the few that I have read didn't deal with specifics or offer much onsite
and I think we need to shed little incite on this subject... anyway happy posting everyone
and keep an eye out for the new group

TibetKrebsBoson 43M
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7/11/2005 11:52 pm

Well seeings how I got you thinking there is Two things you should do right directly thinking a man is a man and a number is just a number

1st thing is to say my name outload 5 times.

2nd thing to do after that thought is to instantly act upon those thoughts to the first name that comes to mind.

I will be waiting for the knock on my door... see ya later lol

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