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7/25/2005 8:13 pm

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Get To know me (chain post)


this is my get to know me chain post newly started. I sometimes Forget to do the little things
Example: Last post I forgot to use the spelling checker . so for those spelling teachers and my ever loving critics which will no doubt show up in masses...enjoy

I'm an easy going guy.takes awhile for me to anger(don't confuse anger with my love to a heated debate lol) I like most people and things that present themselves to me each new day.
I don't like dishonest people or people that think just because they don't tell you something that it's not actually a lie.
specially dislike dumb,rude,raciest,or people who tend to not exercise common sense through out the day every day 24/7.
I work for a company that Fixes and repairs all types of concrete structures all over the world.
what that means in simple terms is that I work my ass off to fix bridges,dams,roads,and buildings that are in need of serious repair.

I think I'm well adjusted and secure in who I am as a person.
I try to look at things from other peoples points of view and consider how to do something or say something so as not to be inconsiderate unless I feel I have to be. lets face it this planet is over run with people who are selfish single or close minded rude and in general don't care to be some what respectful of others, why should I add to that number when I can be different?
I also choose this handle because I feel I'm
Different from most everyone out there or atleast like to think of myself as a rarity among people. I have learned to take things in stride,not overly stress about every little thing,and take things for what they are and not as I wish them to be.
I also like a variety. I can have sex with everything that moves or I can step back and take it slow be happy with the one person I'm with. I can listen to Hip hop ,techno,metal,or classical.
I can be the sweetest guy or the biggest asshole alive,but if I'm being the biggest asshole then you need to stop and ask yourself why. I treat people like I want to be treated, but when they don't do the same in return... I treat them like they treat me. I refuse to let people walk all over me. I think I deserve respect, I do what I can to earn it.
and I'm willing to fight to get it if its the only choice I am left with.

I love to try new things. LOVE older women. younger is ok too but I find myself really attracted to women in their 40's to mid 50's if they take pride in their bodies,keep in shape

I'm Not into the super model types tho I wont say no to one. I like alittle thickness as long as its firm and not flabby.
short,tall,black or white or anything in between.
I've Learned that each person is sexy in their own way and if they believe they are. personality is and will be my first choice.

well I'm going to leave off right there and add more here and there as time permits me.

And should anyone like what I have to say, your always free to contact me anytime. I encourage it actually.

TibetKrebsBoson 43M
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7/25/2005 8:14 pm

I've gradualy upped my age limits for attraction to women. It was only after the First true older woman that I was made to stop and re-evaluate what is sexy and what is'nt .She was an eye opener.
We met here On AdultFriendFinder. She had no pic on her profile but I took a chance and made the 130 mile trek to meet her. (later found out she went to high school with my Father, And I went to the same Jr High as her eldest son) She was haveing second thoughts when things started getting hot we went out for a few drinks and some get to know eachother better chat. And after the drinks We went back to the hotel I decided to stay at. We talked some more. My hands slowly and slightly stroking her thigh.
then I decided to step it up some and see if I had a chance at more . The talk slowly picked up in some bolder more sexual flirting, then When things seemed to be tilting in my favor, I suggested a hot oil full body massage(the soft sensual touches,low breathy whispers into the ear,and "seemingly accidental brushes" with the more personal area's that I give always lead to sex)She agreed to the massage and I Slowly started removeing her Top, She faced away so I couldnt get a Good look at her bare breasts.

about 10 minutes into the massage I ease my hand under her armpit massageing oil into her still nice perky breast, she lets out a slow moan. and I ease my hand back out from under her and work one hand on the small of her back.
the massage has her working into complete oblivious relaxation, and she doesnt notice my free hand slowly working my pants off. soon I'm totaly naked with out her even noticeing.
I straddle her butt and start in on the sensual part of my massage... hands and finger tips kneeding out her bare shoulders all the way down to her outstretched hands and fingers, subtle like I grind my now hard cock into her jean clad ass as I lean forward to massage her palms and fingers.
And my low hot breath in her ear asking If she likes the massage or wants me to stop. for which she replys.. nooooo dont stop it feels to good.
I work my hand back up the arms and ease them both under her again to gently squeeze and rub her bare chest , and Gently kiss and lick her shoulders,neck, and ears.another low moan escapes her lips. shes mine now. I slightly twist and pull her hard nipples. by now im laying flat acrossed her back running my hands down along her soft sides to her hips, the whole time placeing gentle kisses behind her ear.
I reach beneath her hips and tell her It's time to carress the rest of her body as I unbutton her pants... I ease off to tug them down, and she raised her Nice tight ass up in the air to better help me get the pants off. and to my pleasant surprise she was'nt wearing any underwear.
Now that we were both nude,I intensified my massage. alternated the pressure of my touch,speed,used my naked body more for tease and arousal.
focused on the more erogenous zones, every thing I did was to tease and arouse even more.
while working on her legs and thighs I would gently let my pinky finger graze a pussy lip ,nipple,or the really soft spot between her inner thigh and pussy.
placed light kisses over every inch of her body.
I was kissing and licking my way up her spine till I lick her neck and ear, my stiff cock nestled into the crack of her ass.

She was A wreck of confussion. She couldnt decide If her haveing sex with me was wrong because I was young enuff to be her son,or if she should beg me to fuck her right then and there.
Was accademic anyway,I sure was'nt going to slow down or stop to wait for her to decide,besides my teasing was still tipping her choice in my favor.get a woman
(no matter how old or young she is) that hot,wet,and horny with a sensual soft teasing touch she putty in your hands.
so now that i've put about an hour and a half into this massage, it was time to ravage her body.
I had her arch her back while I placed a pillow under her hips. and started licking and eating both holes,finnaly she couldnt wait any longer and asked me to please fuck her now (a question that was'nt asked as a question but more like a firm order to do so) We had some really great sex all night,untill My alarm clock on my cell phone started going off.
finnaly after forceing myself to pull out thirty minutes later I hopped into the shower for a quik rinse and threw my clothes back on. I was officialy late as hell for work, and I still had to take her home,then drive like hell 130+ miles back to my neck of the woods and go to work. guys at work werent to happy about my 2 hour late arrival. but what do I care? I just had some of the best sex with a hot older woman. Infact I think that was even my excuse.

TibetKrebsBoson 43M
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8/4/2005 6:12 pm

Thank you mzhuny. Seems to me its alot easier to work in new things with older women. they dont see it as odd for you to ask to do new things like mutual masterbation or tub full of jello.

There are alot of things I would love to try,but most likly wont try them with younger women or even bring up that I want to try non run of the mill sex acts. and older women are more enthusiastic.

My Hopes are to find mid 43+ woman who Is just intrested in teaching/learning sex with me. Some one whos understanding enuff to not want more at the moment. there are times I go out of town for work... or put in 70 or 80 hours a week (rare tho it does happen)
My attention or effort/time put into relationships or lack thereof just isnt fair to the woman at this point. But She was my 1st and so far only older woman.. and I would have to say that hands down it was the funnest / best sex I've ever had. Cant wait till another one comes along.

Hunysweet 43F

9/5/2007 4:29 pm

Lucky woman!!

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