A little more about me  

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7/25/2005 7:19 pm

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A little more about me

Well I figured this might be a great forum
to tell more about myself. no I'm not as vain as all that, just that in blog land I can be more indepth. and probably reach more people this way rather then in my profile. lotsa bloggers out there.

I can write alittle each day. things I would like to try, opinions,every little thing that goes on in my head.
I believe its actualy a better way for those of you who find some intrest in me to get to know more about me.
some old sex stories, some erotic story's of something I would like to try or do again.

I dont mind comments ,replys,or posts to what ever I write. good or bad I take it all with a grain of salt. the only thing I ask is please do so with some tact and diplomacy. I'm sure there are people who do not wish to read a chain of argueing between us. so on that note I will end this particular post and post the 1st installment into the "get to know me better" chain of blogs.
I'll keep it easy for the readers and just add posts to the origional 1st post which I'm about to write. no searching blogland for hours to find 1 new post.

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