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8/3/2006 8:21 am

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last night/this morning/yesterday

the events in this post happened between 1200 yesterday and 0600 this morning.

i felt the need to go and get my hair cut yesterday so after having a shower i decided to get dressed and go round the corner to the hairdressers. now, i needed some cash but there are two cash points by the hairdressers. after a 10 min walk i arrived there only to find cash point number one out of service. so, i enter the pub across the road to use the second cash point even tho this one charges you to access your own money. to my great misfortune cash point number two is also out of order. no to be put off as i really need a haircut i decide to try cash point number three 15 min walk from here.

after a 30 min round journey i finally arrive at the hairdressers with £50 in my wallet. oh my god, its wednesday, the hairdressers is shut on wednesdays. why didnt i check when i went to the first cash point. now with money in my back pocket and the urge to spend i decide to go down the road to cheshire oaks, another 20 minute walk away. i need a pair of half lenth combat trousers. by need i mean want but anyway.

i arrive at cheshire oaks absolutly starving as id forgotten to eat anything before i came out expecting it to be a quick 30 min haircut and home trip. so i decide to treat myself to a macdonalds. on the way to macdonalds tho there is a JJB and as i ordered my new everton home strip 2 months ago for it not to have arrived at camp yet i thought id write it off and buy one from here. £36 pounds for the shirt. £8 for the socks. and £1.99 for some trainer whitener as i got yellow paint on my trainers in work. £46 pound spent in jjbs. not to worry ive just been paid.

i decide that food is really important at this stage and due to the unfortunate closure of the macdonalds i go to the food court macdonalds instead. feeling really hungry i decide to stuff my face. 6 chicken nugget meal, large. one times mcchicken burger and one times cheesburger. roughly £6. £52 spent and still no half lengh combat style trousers. after forcing the food down me as id paid for it i set off again. by passing all the possible locations of half lenth combat style trousers as it looks like its gonna piss down on me.

it starts to spit so i shelter in Game and decide to have a look at the new games availiable. i spend £35 on games and move onto boots as im out of hair gell. $5.49 on a tub of Fish styling clay. £93 pounds still no half lenth combat style trousers. ahhh Borders, im 10 pages into my new book so i might need another one for the flight back to germany. i look around and see the next instalment of the current series im reading. The Serpent war series by Raymond E. Fiest. as its a series and english books are hard to come by when i return to germany i decide to buy the next two instalments at £6.99 each, oh and another raymond E. fiest book in another series just to see what that ones like too. £21 on books. £114 on things i didnt come out for. anyway looks like the heavens are going to open so time to go home.

i arrive home to be greeted by my dad with a freshly cut house key as i claimed id left my old one here and it had been moved when i know damn well its on my bedside cabinet in germany.

i get a text of a mate, "fancy chester tonight, metal pig in rosies" now this place is full of kids moshing but the music is alright and ive not had a drink since i got home. so i reply with a positive. "round mine for 10" is his reply.

its pushing 9 o clock and there is a program about english football hooligans during the 2006 world cup on BBC1. i turn it on and low and behold theres me stood on a table shirt off waving my flag. dont worry they were showing the nicer side of english fans. im not a hooligan and it was nice to see me as an example to the better behaved fans. i call my mum into the room only for it to go off before she arrives and for her to not believe me. anyway must iron my clothes for tonight, now its a metel night so ill just wear trainers (freshly whitened), combat trousers (full lenth) and a zip up top.

i get a lift off my mum to my mates as it looks like rain again. walking down my mates drive i hear something hit the floor, i look down to see my freshly cut key on the floor. thats lucky, dont wanna lose that.

we arrive in chester by taxi and decide upon a few in the red lion before heading to rosies. about an hour later we arrive at rosies and for some unknown reason i put my hand in my rear lefthand pocket(the place i always keep my key). oh no, its empty i feel around maybe the pocket is bigger than it feels. 'A Hole' 'oh shit', wheres my key, i check all my other pockets just in case and these combat style trousers have quite a few. 'its not here' i laugh to myself because for some reason i find this kinda stuff funny. i tell my mate and he just asks me why im laughing. 'my dads gonna go mental'. i spend the rest of the night thinking 'right, how do i break the news gently to my dad how ive lost yet another key, which he only got cut today whilst pissed at three in the morning' if id have thought id have text my mum, it was only 2345 and she would have left one somewhere for me. an hour later i decide to text her. shes asleep, her phone is probably on charge downstairs. i text a girl from down the road, maybe i can stay there. no answer, shes probably out or asleep. i cant stop laughing. some girl drags me onto the dancefloor. maybe i can pull and go to theirs. what if she asks to come back to mine, how do i explain im an idiot and still get laid. 'oh god, its all gone wrong'. about half three we leave the club and get something to eat. its pushing 6 o clock when i get home. oh god, this is even worse. i ring the doorbell and look at their bedroom curtain, no movement. i think right what do i do.
i phone the house, let it ring once then ring the doorbell. ahh movement my dad opens the window. i say, "dad im so sorry, ive lost the key please forgive me" but it comes out as "dad i left my key here, im locked out". i finally get to bed at around half six with the knowledge tomorrow ive got to somehow get a key cut without him knowing.

artfuldodger234 32M
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8/3/2006 1:00 pm

haha-you couldn't buy humor like this-witty and informative!! I reckon you're writing talents mite be wasted here dude-u need to get a proper blog set up on or myspace-this'd go down really well there-u shud keep updating it in Germany!

BritishSoldier23 33M

8/3/2006 2:20 pm

i cant update this one in germany as if i was caught on this site at work there would be hell to pay

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