Well a boring night  

BritishSoldier23 34M
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8/5/2006 7:03 am
Well a boring night

I could say the usual crap everyone says about never drinking again but im not going to. ive got a killer hang over and to be honest the night wasnt worth it.

The painkillers never helped matters as i managed to get extremly drunk extremly quick. The night started off in the local 'The Woodlands Pub' just down the road and then progressed onto chester. i was taken to a place called 'Loaf', ive never heard of it before must have been built while ive been in the army. seemed alright but its not my mates scene and they wanted to move on to rosies as it was pushing on a bit. Rosies was alright, got a kiss on the stairs queing and probably could have got a bit more but it was the start of the night and i wanted to enjoy myself first. After that it went down hill from there.

i was safly tucked up in bed by about three thirtyish after getting a nice hot pizza on the way home. all in all a quiet night and no funny stories to tell.

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