The Front Line  

BritishSoldier23 33M
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8/6/2006 12:05 pm

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8/12/2006 5:55 pm

The Front Line

Afer deciding the best way to get rid of a hangover is to have another drink, i think its called 'hair of the dog' i headed off down to 'The Woodlands' or the 'Woodies' as its generally known round here for a few ciders. Strongbow being my drink of preference at the moment.

It was a fairly uneventful start to the night with just a few mates being out. We played on the quiz machine winning a pound here and there but losing more often than not which is usually the case with these machines. The drink was starting to catch up with us and we were exchanging funny stories and putting the world to rights. Starting to feel inebriation settling in as the drink started mixing with the previous nights alcohol that was still evident in the blood stream we started talking about girls and pointing out girls that took our fancy in the pub as guys usually do even when sober.

The Chester races were on so there were a few chavs in suits in but no classy young ladies in sexy sofisticated attire which was a disapointment as girls look proper sexy dressed like that. However towards the end of the night i did notice one rather sexy looking girl in a lovely dress and to my amazment she came and sat on the step next to the girlfriend of one of the lads i was with. Now being rather drunk at this point i didnt make a move, anyway, we were about to leave and go for an Indian. Somehwere along the line the girl had been persuaded to come with us. on the way out of the pub being the last other than this girl and my mates girlfriend to start heading out, i was called back by my mates girlfriend as i was the only person in the entire pub who had bought along a jacket. Unsure of what the question was going to be but thinking shes going to ask me to check if one of the lads likes this girl i turned round and was asked "Can XXX borrow your jacket? she doesnt want to stand around dressed like this, she thinks she looks a twat". Now thinking this unseemly language for a lady dressed as she was i decided to say nothing but lent her my jacket. Now if she thought she looked silly in a lovely dress i didnt see how a hooded jacket over it was going to make it look better but being a gentleman i lent her it anyway.

What had happened here we found was that this extra person had made our small party into a group of five. Now everyone knows that on a saturday night if you want a taxi which holds more than the usual four your gonna need to book it. However they decided we would get two taxis as we would be waiting forever for another one to arrive. Three people had already got into the first and only taxi outside the pub so as not to be the ones to shit out and have to wait. Now this girl not knowing many of us decided to offer to wait which is probably wise rather than getting into a taxi with three male strangers. She had my jacket so i decided to offer myself up to rather than risk losing my jacket. So that left the two of us sat there. She started complaining she cant go dressed like that and doesnt want an indian anyway, she suggested we go to Destiny and Elite, the local nightclub, however she still wanted to get changed. Bearing in mind its twelve thirty by this time, i mentioned that it would take her some time to get changed and by that time the club would not be admitting anymore people. Well i suggested anyway she could get changed and we will see what time it was.

The Taxi Journey

In the taxi we were both sat in the back and we were starting to get pretty close, i dont remember who kissed who first but after a few minutes of it she decided we should get a hotel as both our parents were in. I asked her if she was sure and she said confirmed it. She wanted to go back to hers first and get some money tho. Now as i mentioned earlier Chester races were on and all hotels were booked or had no night porter so we couldnt get a room anywhere. anyway we went back to hers. I was told to pretend we had known each other for ages and we knew each other through school. Her mum was sat up with two family friends, i cant for the life of me recal their names but they seemed like decent guys and they were due to be wed/blessed to each other in a few weeks time. They had all been drinking as the whole lot including the girl i was now with had been at a wedding all day. Anyway i played the part of long time friend, pretty poorly as i knew nothing about this girl.

later on after the mother had gone to bed and the two guys had also left us. we were in the front room kissing againg and i started to stroke her leg etc until i was at her knickers. i started to play with her outside the knickers at first and then inside as things progressed. eventually i was between her knees using my tongue on her clit and my fingers in her pussy. She was enjoying it as she was writhing about tring not to make a noise to wake her mother. I was enjoying it too as she tasted great and had a lovely pussy. we ended up on the floor and she had my cock out and was stroking it, she didnt need to get it hard as licking her fantastic pussy had already done that. and she went down to suck it. it was great, i really enjoyed it but did not cum. she was also playing with my balls before moving her fingers down towards my asshole. she then proceeded to play with this and it felt great but she did not insert any fingers. after a few minutes of this she decided it was too risky if her mum came down so i said its ok i dont mind, we will only go as far as she wants. we had a bit more of a play around before eventually her mum shouted down "its four oclock" hinting that i should really be going. we exchanged numbers and she apologised saying she really wanted to go further but i respect her wishes and didnt try and push her into anything. we decided we would book a hotel for friday night and we can go again which im really looking forward to. i cant wait to get my head between her thighs again.


ive texted her a few times today and we seem to be getting along, she thanked me for last night and i thanked her in turn. she seems really up for friday and we have agreed to meet in the week too for a couple of drinks. meanwhile today i took my mum out to Frankie and Bennys for dinner.

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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8/6/2006 1:23 pm

I want to come to your next party!

Purry {=}


artfuldodger234 32M
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8/6/2006 1:52 pm

glad to hear u're making good use of the shore leave!! luv the way it goes from XXX to dinner at Frankie and Bennys lol

BritishSoldier23 33M

8/6/2006 1:57 pm

Thanks Artful, makes it worse frankie and bennys was with my mum. i should be taking this girl out for dinner later in the week hopefully, she was a really nice girl.

Purrykitty, id love to invite you, its a shame your so far away.

artfuldodger234 32M
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8/6/2006 2:05 pm

like i said write back with part 2-the sequel haha-and don't spare the details lol

BritishSoldier23 33M

8/6/2006 2:13 pm

to be honest i feel a bit guilty cause shes a really nice girl. thats why i never included her name

artfuldodger234 32M
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8/6/2006 2:16 pm

lol u should be a journalist i dunno about a soldier! so long as its anonymous ur ok-share the love hehe. can't seem to chat to u on messenger coz it ain't workin-bummer! what the heck am i payin a subscription for!

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