A Return to Action  

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A Return to Action

So...i took the my lady friend out to Old Orleans for a few drinks where we got chatting and got to know each other a bit better. After a few there we moved on to the 'Woodies' to continue the night and meet up with our friends for a few more drinks. Things were going well but i was beggining to doubt whether or not anything more would happen between the two of us as i was going back and im not sure what she wanted out of all this but we were enjoying ourselves and alternating between talking to our friends and each other. My conversation with my mates tended to be either about Evertons chances in the league this season and whether or not i was going to take her back to mine tonight.

Well, time flew by and before we knew it we were being ushered outside by the bouncers as the pub closed. With me and my lady friend living in one direction and the others needing taxis or walking in the other direction we went our seperate ways and we were left alone. walking down the road with my arm around her as it was a very cold night and it was as much to keep myself warm as her. She mentioned about maybe going into work tomorrow and asked me what i would be doing myself. With no plans i just mentioned that all i needed to do was makesure the hotel had not taken the money out of my account with me having not actually ended up there and having only made a reservation. She asked if it was still posible to turn up there and spend the night or if we had left it a little late. I suggested that i could ring them and find out and after no objection was forthcoming i went ahead and rang the hotel via 118118. They mentioned that as they have a night porter i was more than welcome to turn up at this late hour. With her permission i rang a taxi to take us to the hotel and we headed off back to the pub to wait for the taxi.

When we arrived at the hotel we headed to the room and watched big brother! first whilst getting comfortable. Then things started to progress and before long we were sharing a few passionate kisses as i removed her top so as to be able to play with her nipples, i slowly started to kiss down her neck towards her nipples and then began to gently suck on one of her nipples. as they began to stiffen i started to gentle bite them between my teeth and use my tongue on then until they were solid. i went back up to kiss her again and was met by her tongue. she started to remove her jeans with my help and i started again to kiss down her neck and her chest pausing slightly at her nipples again before continuing down her stomach and towards her knickers, after kissing her through her knickers i pulled the knickers to one side and used my fingers to spread her lips as my tongue sought out her clit. I alternated between tongueing her clit and sliding it into her warm pussy, she tasted as good as i remembered her to. i lost track of time but i was enjoying myself with my tongue buried inside her. i used my fingers inside her pussy two as i continued to suck and tongue her clit. she had started to move her hips up to meet my tongue and she grabbed a handfull of my hair and pushed my tongue deeper inside her. after what must have been a long time between her thighs she pulled me up and my mouth was once again met by her searching tongue and i greeted it with my own, covered by her tasty juices.

She wrapped her leg around me as i began to slide by hard eager cock inside her tight warm pussy. It felt so good as i did and it wasnt long before i was feeling the beginings of orgasm but fighting it off as i didnt wish this moment to be over so soon i carried on and i felt her on the edge of cumming herself as she started to buck her hips onto my big member. i met her thrusts with harder deeper thrusts of my own and she suddenly went tense and i felt her quivering as she came for me. i stayed inside her and as she started to breath again i continued to slide my cock in and out of her nice and gently letting her catch her breath again. After a few more repeats of this we seperated and lay exhausted for a few minutes before continuing to use our hands on each other o bring us back to life for another round.

It wasnt long before i was hard again and ready for her once more. This continued for the most of the night and before i knew it the sun was shining. We had been at on and off for over six hours and i hadnt cum, i must have been at that level of drunkeness some men get to where they can go all night and no matter how hard they try they just cant cum. We tried to catch a few hours sleep but it wasnt long before the builders were at work, on a saturday! and sleep wasnt quick in arriving. When it reached about half nine-ish we made an executive decision to head home as it would be easier to sleep. We got dressed and phoned a taxi. We shared a few more kisses on the way home and finally one more before departing outside my front door with a promise of a text later.

I awoke around three in the afternoon which considering i never went to sleep till half ten wasnt too bad. I decided i had to get my hair cut and got quickly showered and dressed into a pair of shorts and a tshirt then headed round the corner to the hairdressers. To my dismay the hairdressers was completly packed on the only occasion i had bothered my arse to get up and go. I couldnt help but laugh at the irony of it. After that i bought a copy of the Liverpool Echo and headed to burger king as i was starving having not eaten since midday yesterday.

I arrived home absolutly shattered and barely able to stand up so i decided a nice bath and a read of my book would help and i lay in the bath for almost two and a half hours.

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Just a funny anecdote i almost forgot to mention. People in my network would be able to see my private album. Now in this album are some pictures that are the kind of pictures you wouldnt show your parents. Well after i got out the bath i headed downstairs to be confronted by the question, what have you been doing with your phone? i tryed to blag, but was found out easily. My mum had only located some pics of ill repute on the pc, the same ones in my album. Well to most people this would be embarrasing but as my mum has in the past found porn mags in my room and to top it all off a video of my and my ex upto no good it was like water off a ducks back to me.

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