For those that feel the pain  

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1/31/2006 7:11 am

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For those that feel the pain

The journal reads......
Five months since leaving the arm of safety
What voyage is this for a man to endure?
The excitement and dreams dashed in an instant
still waters to a squall like no other
in but the time for a few spoken words

Noise, calamitous noise
pounding the air offending the senses
like matchwood snapped betwixt forefinger and thumb
Panic and disorientation
As life with such hope abruptly dismembered

respite brings the rain
salty to the taste
time to regroup, to lift up those battered limbs
Patch up the wounds and prepare..
the ultimate onslaught beckons

Once tall and proud...
Now slumped
listing, submissive
awaiting the final broadside volley

The flashes of blinding light
shouts and screams
much. too much to endure
Run, jump
look for flotsam as deliverance

lying naked 'neath a white shroud
wretched and tormented, my soul exhausted
watching as she twists and turns
She glimpses a last farewell
gently bows her head before slipping away

in her wake just the memories of a marriage dissolved

copyright 2006 Brightoncrazee

Strange I sometimes think how the mind works. How a sea faring battle can be likened to a bitter, acrimonious split between a married couple.
My split has thankfully been calm, without angry words or malice. We seem to be getting on lately even better than we were before which feels quite surreal. Perhaps that is what primarily we always were.... really good friends.
Though I say so myself I quite like this poem....though I am not sure of the last sentence...perhaps it is unnecessary. It leaves me feeling restless so it can't be right!

What do you think?

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