She's a freak!!!  

BrianandJenelle 39M/40F
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12/27/2005 4:16 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

She's a freak!!!

Brian Says:

I probably should start off by telling about our history and our interests…screw that I just think that I should talk about my wife. Why? Well, she’s a freak and I love it. She loves to be touched, turned on, teased, but most of all she loves to cum. And I am serious she love to cum really hard and often. I love that I know how to slowly get her there by just whispering in her ear then she shivers and wants to jump me right then. But she knows she doesn’t have to. Who says that life is about the chase. She just slides my hand down to her wet pussy and I can feel her clit get instantly hard. But wait didn’t I just whisper? Yes, she’s a freak. She’s such a freak if I stand to close to her for awhile she will almost cum thinking about how close my cock is to her pussy and how I love to watch her face as I warm her insides when squirt after squirt of my cum is squished inside of her as I thrust through my orgasm to another one. Granted what I just wrote is probably what I whispered in her ear it doesn’t matter. She gets so turned on she just has to cum and when she gets like that watch out. She knows how excited anyone would get by having a hot little redhead use them as a sex toy and masturbate with it. No she doesn’t ignore you quite the contrary. She uses your nipples on her tongue to tickle her mouth, your skin under her fingernails as she slides them down your back or when she is sliding up to unhook your bra. She uses your lips to tickle hers and to suck on her neck. She uses your clit to turn your tongue into a vibrator as you shutter against her clit in a 69. She uses you cock as a dildo to cum all over. Trust me its good to be her sex toy. I have watched her turn from sweet and innocent to a vixen and ravish unsuspecting females so much they lose the ability to speak in understandable phrases just barely audible moans. To be honest I am a freak too that’s why I love her so much and when we get to be freaks together watch out ladies you better drink lots of fluids because you will be losing them rapidly. When this combination meets with a like minded freak the results is anyone’s guess. Is she dominant or submissive? She’s both. She likes to pamper and be pampered. She will treat you like a sex toy and be yours. But most of all she will let you know what multi-orgasmic really is and if you’ve never experienced it you will. Like I said… She’s a freak!!!

need2havfun76 40M

12/30/2005 4:57 pm

You are a very lucky man, I envy you. I wish you many freaky encounters in your future and a happy, happy New Year.

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