New Year's Eve Disappointment or Pleasure?  

BrianandJenelle 39M/40F
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1/2/2006 10:12 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

New Year's Eve Disappointment or Pleasure?

Brian Says:

Happy New Year…
So the question is “Was New Year’s Eve a pleasure or a disappointment?” The answer would say a lot about you wouldn’t it. It would tell someone what your expectations levels are and how you deal with reaching them or not. It could tell someone how happy you are with yourself or the people around you. The answer can tell someone almost everything about your character. Take myself for instance the answer would be just enough pleasure to avoid disappointment.

My night was somewhat interesting depending on the way you look at it. I didn’t have a wild orgy, get piss drunk, dance till I about fell down, or hook up with a new hottie… I went to work. You see I work at a hotel and I put together a big party for about 500 people. I also arranged a wedding ceremony and reception for dear friends of mine. So in a way I was having a great night. I was at a party with three open bars, three bands, three buffet dinners and 150 bedrooms plus my friends got married and I got to be there for it. So even though I am thinking about how much my body hurts, how tired I am now, and how much fuckin’ running around I did that night I say that to myself and it firmly places it in the pleasure category.

Then I start to really think. I walked my beautiful wife into the party and she was in this amazing evening gown. I slowed down just so I can watch her walk away. Looking at that all night was definitely going to make focusing on work more difficult, but I’m a trooper. I’ll fight through it and get the job done. I always do. See my wife has been with me awhile and she understands that work is one of my passions and I have this sense of work ethic that tends to get in the way of my social life. But I am human so here is when the night gets tough.

My main bar got slammed and not in the usual way. It got slammed with young horny beautiful women dressed to the T and looking scrumptious. If I was having a hard time before now when I left my wife’s side I had hottie country to walk through just to check on my bartenders. Then the crowd got tipsy. See before they were sober and they horny coming in the door. Now we’re two and a half hours in to a five hour open bar. People are a little more friendly including my wife. Sets of readily available women are pulling me on to the dance floor to grind on my thigh.

I said before my work ethic sometimes gets in the way of my social life, but for about ten minutes my work ethic said “Man if you don’t become the meat between that sandwich…” Then I see some of my staff running around and I have to leave. But like a told a very sexy looking AdultFriendFinder member that we are looking forward to chatting with I couldn’t stop thinking about taking a couple of the girls back to their rooms with Jenelle, but I had to work and I kept walking away. It would have been so easy to just say “Do you see that girl over there? She’s my wife and she would love to lick champagne off your nipples tonight. Can we get together and pleasure you tonight?” On most nights saying something like that would get a drink thrown in your face but that night it would seem just normal. So as the night went on the girls got more tipsy and more feely and it wasn’t just my arm they were grabbing to have me dance with them.

The night is going pretty well business wise at this point no major problems, fights, or disgruntled customers. My motivation now was to get everyone ready to close down so we can finish and I can take my sexually uninhibited wife hunting for some fun. She was already hanging out with our friends who got married in there room and one of the bands in their rooms. Nothing crazy was going on but I knew she would be up for it if I found some which I already had with my excursions into some of the other ballrooms and bars. She called down to me from the room and told me that she was waiting for me and wanted to know when I was going to come up there. But as usual work got in the way of my social life. Things came up and time went by. Next thing I know its 4:00 am and people were putting the do not disturb signs on the door knobs. I still had some possibilities that we could go see but my wife was about ready to pass out as well. I had two drinks in my hand and it was the first time I really got to relax and now everyone was ready to pass out. Opportunity missed.

So as most men would be I was truly disappointed. I tried convincing my wife to get up and go exploring with me but she was done. She told me to go by myself but I wasn’t looking for that. I was looking to have fun with her and party, but the party was over. Everyone had a great time so I must have done a good job but that didn’t change the fact that I missed out.

As the disappointment sets in my wife gathers up the rest of her energy (and sobriety) and starts kissing me like she hadn’t thought of anything all night but me and finally she gets what she wanted. Having a beautiful woman in an evening gown slowly undress the important parts of your body and touch them like they were long lost buried treasure tends to brighten up your day. Then she lays down on the bed and the light from the parking lot outside the window is just enough to let me see the curve of her hips and down her thigh and I realize what is about to happen and right then I realize that once again my wife knows exactly what I need and saves the day. I’d tell you the rest of the story but sometimes I like to kiss and not tell, but lets just say that after all that and the disappointment at the end the answer would be just enough pleasure to avoid disappointment!!! Happy New Year!

rm_VoodooGuru1 49M
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1/2/2006 11:28 am

Glad you salvaged a good time.

(Though I don't really agree with your opening statement.)

Hope the New Year includes lots of stress-free play for you both.

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