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10/11/2005 11:00 pm

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It was just another boring day, only with a slight twist this time. I had hired a young lady to help me with the overflowering disorginization in my basement. Heaven knows that I couldn't handle the task on my own, not with work, the children, and my lazy ass husband. The young lady that I had hired was tempting, with her full lush breasts that threatened to fall out of her shirt when she bent over, to her fat pussy lips that peaked out of her shorts at the same time. All day long I dealt with having one tempting morsel or other peak out at me until the evening when I could handle it no longer. Bending over to say goodnight, my helpers delishious rosebud of a nipple fell out and to my dismay, my greedy tongue flicked out to meet it's demanding hardness. Having that truffle of soft pink silk upon my tongue, released any further inhibitions that I may have had. I spent the night treating her pussy as though it were my new boyfriend that I was learning to french kiss. I licked lightly and then retreated only to thrust deeply into the tight hot folds of her pussy with my tongue. Every time I felt her orgasm I felf my own orgasm grow nearer until I came, overwhelmed with the need to lick her to fulfillment.

That is all that I longed for...a pretty pussy, one that longed to be licked and desire only to give pleasure.

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