another day....  

Br12976 40M
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3/29/2006 6:12 pm
another day....

It's wednesday again. A very long day for me. Starts at 4:00am and I get home about 8:30pm. Work and school. Seems like that's all I do. Next week will be a marathon 60 hours scheduled. What will end up being is anyones guess.

Moving forward... I changed my settings on here to get a better idea who was viewing me. Added couples and guys to the list cause I kept seeing view add up but nothing that matched the preferences. Though it might give the wrong impression, I at least get to see who's seeing me.
I will admit, though, that some of them are umm... impressive so to say. Not sure how I rank against some of them but oh, well.

Think I need to revisit my profile, too. Have no real idea what I ever typed in there 5 months ago.

Have a good one.

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