Br12976 40M
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3/24/2006 6:18 pm

Spent all day working on my car and it's finally back to where I can drive it. Lots of cutting bending and welding but it's completed. Just need a shower now. Nothing like smelling like burning metal. Funny thing is, though it's hard work, I'd rather spend 12 hours doing that than 8 hours at my job.
Gonna change my pic back to chest view. It sucks cause I need to workout more, gain 20 lbs in my arms and chest. I have no motivation, however. I need someone there to push me and not let me quit, to go more often. Can't afford the personal trainer, though. LOL. I need to fake-bake too. I've really lightened up this winter.

(I know what kind of workout I really need to do,... horizontal). Bet you saw that coming a mile away.

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