My Lucky Business Boy!!  

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11/14/2005 8:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My Lucky Business Boy!!

Last Friday my Boy whent to one of his regulas business lunch with long term relation supplier her name Tina she is a sales manager for her company and very good friend of My Boy. This meating get place in a small Hotel/ Rest. in Ocen Park in front of the sea...You know the place!! Tina 40 years old arrive to the Rest, very fit and beautifull 36C nice legs dark hair broce skin together with Marilin 38 years old beautifull 34B blond hair pettite body nice ass white silk skin. It was a surprice for My Boy because he didint expect Marilin and much more that he was going to share lunch with this two one of a kind ladies, The first bottle of My Boy's select red wine " Torre Muga 1998" was open and the business conversation flows, the second bottle of "Torre Muga" was open the business deal was set, now start the best.. The conversation turn in a very personal, hot and fearless, previus personal sex experiance betwen the three turns in comun conversation , lunch was serve and the third bottle of "Torre Muga" was in the table, Tina with a few glass of wine in here brain told My Boy in a very sexy special way that she was ready for sex and passion, My Boy reply why not and ask Marilin if she will join te group...she reply.. I will be very confortable looking you two having fun ..BULL SHIT Marilin was the first naked ready for action in the room a few second later Tina joint them and the big party start at 2;30 pm till 8;30pm. Every body was satisfy like 500%.Ahhh two more bottles of "Torre Muga" was open in the room!!!

Shame on me ( The Girl) I was grounded in my office till 8;00pm finishing a business presentation for next Monday..

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