Snow Fantasy!!!  

Bourgetrider1 39M
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2/16/2006 10:59 am

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3/15/2006 9:49 pm

Snow Fantasy!!!

Well in the great state of Iowa and a lot of the Midwest it is snowing out today. I have the pure pleasure of pushing snow on days like today. As I was out in my tractor I came up with a nice little fantasy...anyone care to help me with it?

It is about 4am and I have been pushing snow since about midnight. It is still snowing heavily and no one in their right mind is out right now except those you have to be. It is nice and warm in my tractor, I have the heater and the radio blasting whatever music I want to listen to until Bob and Tom come on in a couple of hrs. I see a car pull up close to me. You stand up out of the car, hair blowing in the winter wind the you are trying to hold your trench coat closed as you trudge through the snow. I open the door and you climb in and not a word is said. I start to kiss me passionately and drop your trench coat to reveal a sexy outfit that has very little fabric at all. You undue my pants and slide them down and start to suck my cock. You take it deep in your throat and I moan with pleasure. After you have worked my cock long and hard and it is glistening from your spit you slide up and lower yourself down on my cock. Your dripping wetness swallows me whole. You slowly start to slide up and down on my cock. I am sucking and pulling on your tits and we are starting to fog up the windows. I stand up and turn around and lower yourself again on my cock so I can watch your ass bounce and you fuck my cock hard. I grab both of your ass cheeks as you lean forward over the steering wheel as you start to slide up and down my fat throbbing cock. You start fucking my cock harder and hard, your ass shaking wildly with every dripping wet thrust of your pussy onto my cock. We both start to moan wildly and shake the tractor we both cum in unison. I fill you up with my cum and some drips out and you even squirted a little. You stand up and turn around and give me a kiss and tell me you will be waiting for me when I get home.

The end-

This little fantasy kept me company while I was working this morning. What does everyone think? Anyone wanna help a brother out with this?

24sexyfuntime 36F

2/17/2006 6:13 pm

Wow babe what a fantasy......I would love to help you out with that!!! Why don't you help me out with a fantasy of mine.....It is midnight at a party in a very warm temperature....I am in a powder room with a very sexy white dress on. I am touching up my make up as a very hot brown haired vixen approaches me. She grabs me....kisses me ...then she slowly lifts up my dress to reveal no panties and she starts to kiss my pussy. I start to get very wet as she licks my clit and sucks my pussy lips. As I moan for more you come in with your shirt have buttoned. You watch as I am being fingered by the curvy brunette. I tell you to come here and I start to kiss you as I grab your hard cock. As we kiss the vixen pulls down your pants and starts to rock your dick with her tongue and lips. What next Bad Boy?

QuitsClopsSensa 50M
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3/5/2006 11:39 am

I lived in new england before coming to AZ. nothing beats fucking in the snow then jumping in a hottub. I like your fantasy too. I love cream pies. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM dripping cum and damn... I love a woman that can squirt.

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