Our First Encounter Together  

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7/5/2006 9:27 am

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Our First Encounter Together

It was a Friday night a couple of weeks ago. Matt had been talking to a girl online and it just so happened she was bi. Well, we invited her over just to hang out. Matt told her what him and Jess were about and that she might get a free show if she wanted. She said sure, I will come out and spend the night, but I don't want to do anything sexual. Plus, both girls had their "visitors" which might make things tough, but not impossible. Matt thought to himself, let's see about that.

So, 10:30 comes around and our new friend (we will call her Lady A) comes over. She is a real cutie. Beautiful face, nice ass, perfect, handful size tits. We were both very impressed. We cracked open some beers and smoked some cigs on the balcony and just got to know each other.

A couple of hours have passed and Matt is getting a little antsy. He thinks of the possibilities that lay ahead and he needs to start initiating something. Matt puts his hands down Jess' shirts and starts rubbing her pierced nipples. Jess then sticks her hands down Matt's pants and starts massaging his cock. Our guest glances over and just smiles and then turns back to watching TV. Bummer! What was going on? Was she not interested in at least getting a show? Was she uncomfortable? Well, those questions would be answered soon.

Our guest needed to move her car, so Matt offered to escort her outside with the intention of getting in a word about us. So, we step out onto the front porch and light up a smoke. Matt gets the scoop as far as what she thinks of us and everything turns out positive. She isn't uncomfortable, and thinks Jess is a cutie. (Jess being a cutie is a given!) We head back inside.

Now for the good stuff.....

Lady A sits in the recliner and Matt and Jess start going at it again. Jess runs to the bathroom. Matt thinks to himself, it's time to make a move...but she beats me to it. She says with an evil grin, "don't let me stop you from doing anything." With that I leaned over and started kissing her. We make out until Jess gets back from the bathroom. Matt tells them both, time to go to the bedroom. We walk into the bedroom and Jess strips. Jess being a good sex slave knows the rule that when in Matt's room, no clothes allowed. Lady A's eyes light up seeing Jess' naked body. I sit on the edge of the bed and beckon Lady A over. She moves over to the bed, sits on Matt's lap and we start making out. Matt lays down in the middle with his lips still attached to Lady A. Jess starts to pull off Matt's pants and Lady A assists. As Matt and Lady A are making out, Jess starts sucking Matt's hard cock. Lady A watches as she starts kissing Matt's chest. Lady A moves her hand to Matt's cock to assist Jess while she is giving the blow job of her life. Matt reaches up and starts playing with Lady A's breasts. At the notice of this Jess stops sucking Matt and moves over to Lady A. As Matt lays in the middle, Lady A and Jess start making out. Lady A grabs a handful of Jess' 38D tits and is playing with her nipple piercing. Matt lays there, almost ready to burst with excitement with what is happening in front of his eyes. Matt positions himself to suck on Jess' tits and now Jess wants to have the feeling of a nipple in her mouth. Off with Lady A's shirt. Jess is sucking on her nipple as Matt is sucking Jess'. This continues on for a good 10 minutes, just kissing and touching. Lady A starts rubbing Jess' clit and Jess starts moaning. With one hand on Jess' clit, the other hand moves to Matt's cock as she starts stroking. Lady A moves down to the bed and starts to suck Matt's cock. Jess and Matt are making out now as Matt has 1 hand on Lady A's tits and one on Jess'. Matt loves breasts if you couldn't tell. Suddenly Lady A stands up and says I want to watch for a little bit. Matt could tell that even though Lady A had a visitor, she wanted to get fucked hard, but probably needed to cool down. Alas, it is a good thing that we didn't make a mess. So Lady A moves to the computer chair and watches Matt and Jess. Enough with the blow job, it's time for some sex...of the anal variety. Matt commands Jess to lube up her ass and his cock. Like a good slut, she gets on her hands and knees and Matt slowly slides his cock into her tight ass. Finally his cock is in and a level of comfort is established. Matt starts pounding away on Jess tight ass. Suddenly Lady A gets up and comes back over to the bed. She reaches under Jess and starts fiercly rubbing Jess' clit. Jess moans loudly. She was feeling really good right about now. As Matt is plowing away at her ass, Jess cums hard. The clit stimulation from Lady A and Matt's hard cock in her ass produced one hell of an orgasm. Did Matt stop? Not a chance...he still needed to cum. As Lady A continued to rub Jess' clit, she took her other hand and started massaging his balls. That was what put Matt over the edge. Lady A knew Matt was going to cum, so she positioned her face at the top of Jess' ass. Matt pulls out and an explosion of cum erupts from his cock. He shoots a hard shot on Lady A's cheek and the rest made it into Jess' hair, on her back, and on her ass. Lady A massaged the cum into Jess' skin. They both told Matt during the night that that was a huge cum shot. Matt just smiled.

We all clean up, have a smoke and then all jump in the bed and cuddle. The next morning Matt and Jess awake and Jess gives Matt a blow job. Lady A wakes up to see Matt blow his load again in Jess'. It could be possible she woke up because her tits were being massaged.

So that was the first of many expriences Matt and Jess will have together. Check back often to see more exciting and true tales.


rm_blkjohnson9 33M

7/6/2006 11:05 pm

Wow, that was a great story. I'm just not sure during the whole time, my hand was suppose to be on my dick. lol Maybe we can meet and exchange stories.

spoogeflinger99 44M

8/1/2006 6:43 pm

Amazing story. Looking forward to more adventures of Jess and Matt!

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