Our First Couple  

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7/11/2006 2:37 pm

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Our First Couple

So here is the blog of our first couple. We will just name them M and F. You get it. Hopefully they don't mind us kissing and telling, if they do, we can always take it down.

So we all go out to eat and establish the rules. This will be a soft swap as it is all of our first times doing the couple thing. Once the rules our established, its off to our hotel room.

Now we could only get a room with 2 full size beds. Damn race week. So using our inginuity, we push both beds together. Matt and M sit in the chairs and watch Jess and F on the bed. The anticipation is building up as we wait for the girls to start. Finally...their off! Along with their clothes. Jess and F start making out, gently caressing each other. 2 beautiful women making out, what a better sight? Jess unhooks F's bra and out come her beautiful breasts. Jess starts to suck on them as F begins to work on getting Jess' shirt off. Finally both girls are topless, kissing and playing with each other's breasts. It appeared F had a fun time with Jess' pierced nipples and perky tits. Meanwhile Matt and M are getting a great show. Boy do the girls move quick as next thing you know Jess it is eating out F. With Jess' ass in the air and her pussy exposed, Matt has a hard time whipping his hard cock out and fucking her right there. However, the girls need their play time. Jess is thrown down on the bed and F devours her pussy.

The girls have had their fill of each other for now and want the guys. Immediately Matt and M run to the bed and get naked. Jess starts blowing Matt and F starts blowing M. M has a thirst for pussy. F turns around and is on her hands and needs as M dives right in. Jess lays down by F and they start making out as F has one hand on Jess' tit. Matt dives in and starts to eat out Jess. The moaning is insastiable.

We take a quick smoke break and F starts going down on M. Matt motions to Jess to go help them out. Jess goes down by F and starts eating her out. M loves watching Jess and F go at it. Matt would get his later. The switch now occurs. Jess starts going down on M and F comes over by Matt. F starts blowing Matt, but Matt wants to taste that pussy. F swings her leg over Matts head and F and Matt start to 69. Meanwhile Jess is laying down and M is eating her pussy out good. Jess is screaming and so is Matt. These 2 were definitely great at oral. Matt and Jess both almost cum, but want to hold it back for each other. There is another short break in the action.

F is now laying down next to M and Jess is laying next to Matt. Jess has a wonderfull, naughty idea. She flips F over and starts eating her out. M starts massaging 1 of F's breasts and Matt reaches over and massages the other. Next thing you know Jess is eating out F, M and Matt are sucking on F's tits, and F is stroking both Matt and M. Jess moves over to blow M's hard cock as Matt rubs F's clit. Matt and Jess back off and start to fuck each other...finally some fucking! F is watching us and rubbing her clit. Matt and Jess are both turned on by this. F hops on M and they start to 69. Matt fucks Jess and Jess cums hard..the hotel just heard all of us. Matt stops for a second to watch M and F go at it and for Jess to catch her breath. F is sucking M's cock hard. M shoots a huge load all over F's face. Boy was that hot! M fingers F until she screams in orgasm..that was hot too. Now Matt is the only one who hasn't orgasmed yet.

Matt flips Jess over and starts fucking her doggy style. F comes over to help us out. She lays in front of Jess and they start making out. Matt grabs F's tit and Jess starts sucking on it. Wow, this is hot shit for us. Matt flips Jess back over and fucks her missionary. Jess cums again. Now it's Matt's turn, he pulls out and cums right in Jess' mouth. It was a huge load, but she took it well.

We all laid there naked for awhile, then went our seperate way. Great couple, great lovers, great friends.

Not a full swap, but a lot of fun none the less. We look forward to full swap next now that we have some more experience under our belt.

Look for our next adventure...Jess has been a good girl and Matt has allowed her to pick a Male for her first DP. (This doesn't mean for every single guy to bombard us. We already have 1 guy picked out and if we want you, we will contact you in the future)

M & J

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7/11/2006 3:44 pm

Wow! Sounds like you had a great time! Keep us posted.

SirMounts 102M

7/16/2006 8:33 pm

Well, you described the unfolding events, very well.
Welcome to blogging, BothOfUs4Fun06.

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