The story so far... (Part II)  

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7/23/2005 3:58 am

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The story so far... (Part II)

The more things change, the more fucked-up they get. I'll explain that in a minute, but first, back to the story...

Last Saturday, exactly one week ago, an engaged couple of (formerly) friends came to our house for a little fun. We turned on Napolean Dynamite while mixing shots and discussing life, love, and sexuality. The topic, as it had in the past, of bisexuality hit the table. I am bi and sure of it. So is my wife (we found out) and so is Lacey (half of the couple). Josh (the other half of the couple), it seemed, was straight but made an off-the-cuff remark that he was bi. His fiancee laughed, as did we all for some reason and he clarified his statment by saying it again and citing his only teenage example.

This is a prime example of why friends shouldn't let friends drink and come out of the closet. These two had been drinking HEAVILY the whole day. My wife and I had about three shots each - a littlebuzz, but clarity mixed in as well. My wifechosethat time, as well, to throw open the closet door and step out. The talk turned really sexualthen, with the twofreshly de-closeted souls sharing openly with the two 'veterans' (so to speak)and we decided to turn off Napolean Dynamite and turn on some Jenna Jameson. None of us ever looked at the screen. The next thing we know, my wife is making love to Lacey while Josh and I helped them out, he a little apprehensive about trying anything with me and me being too sober totake advantage of a drunk.


Finally talked into it, I went down on him and was appearantly so good that I had bested Lacey according to him. She had asked the loaded question "How is he?" and he had replied "Better than you." Things kinda went downhill from there, he going down on me, but neither of us opting to go "all the way". Both women were not only enjoying each other, but also watching us. The evening ended with all of us agreeing to try it the next night sans alcohol.

Insert forboding music here.

Cut to the next day, both of them are quiet and distant. Not thinking that anything is wrong, save for the pair of hangovers that the pair suffered, we all went to an adult novelty store to buy some toys. She had just had a birthday, so the wife and I bought Lacey a vibrator which matched my wife's so that they could both enjoy. (the 'wife's' was actually for both of us, but that's not the point). we drove around town a bit, giggling about the toys until the wife brought up the planned night of sobriety and a silence fell in the back seat that was so still, the only noise that could be heard was the sound of the shit hitting the fan.

"We were drunk." Insert the sound of mine and the wife's faces being slapped here. "We wouldn't have done it otherwise." Insert another slap. we had just earlier discussed the steamy erotic photos we all took that night with no mention of regret no more than a half hour earlier... We had been just as carefree and uninhibited in our fantasy talk in the store... I drove on (they don't have a car and I was feeling juuuust a tiny bit used after that bombshell had been dropped.

The wife, however, was a silent shambles in the passenger seat. What they saw as just a raw drunken fling, she and I (her pain is my pain) had invested a tiny bit of emotion in it since Lacey was her first 'real' time with a woman. (her first voluntary - her ex husband practily forced it on her once during their short mariage) She was confused and devistated. She calmly asked Lacey if they could discuss it and Lacey went quiet. The next day, things 'appeared' to be back to normal. She was 'sick' and he was both friendly and chatty.

Josh and I were scheduled to go to a local strip club and apply as bouncers and so I went to pick him up, happy to see that Laceyhad recovered enough togo with us and apply as a waitress. Happy, that was, until I mentioned that Timi still wanted to talk to her about the wild night and that she thought it was her fault that... "She's damn right it's her fault! She started it." came the biting intejection from the now-irritated Lacey. "Why does everyone keep bringing that up? I thought I told Josh to tell her i was sick."

I felt ill. I felt angry. My wife was in a very vulnerable transition period and wanted a woman... another bi female... the first woman she willingly shared her body with just to simply talk to her about the confusing emotions and urges which stayed in my wife's head looooong after the alcohol left her stomachand this...woman...was copping out of confrontation by feigning illness? Lacey and Josh got involved in a game of pool and I retreated to the other end of the club to have a little solo game of pool myself. I was pissed beyond words.

Their game of pool ended and they sought me out, playing a little pool against me and having idle chit-chat until they brought up another bi neighbor hitting on Josh while at their house the night we dropped them off from the shopping trip. I was even more confused. We wrapped it up and got back into the car and I said "Abut Timi..." and was met with a hard stare. "Nevermind. I'll tell her what's going on for you." So far, it was looking like a rollercoaster ride of joy and regret.

That is when I brought the wife to AdultFriendFinder, figuring that we could possibly find a bi couple who were not reliant on drink to enjoy their dual sexuality. And we did. Found a great couple and chatted with them for the better part of a week, meanwhile tolerating Josh and Lacey. finally, the day of the 'date' with the new couple arrived, lacey being all friendly and such helping Timi get all dolled up for her new aqqauintance. (I later found out that Lacey had mentioned to the wife that she wanted to recreate the night of hedonism that had caused she and I so much greif. In Lacey's words: "I want to get Josh drunk so he'll do it again" )

Anyway, the couple arrived and I was instantly impressed. They are both GREAT people. Thewild night of exploration we had planned did not go as planned due to his wife suffering from motion sickness from the car ride, but e had a great visit and planned for the wife and I to go to their house the next day. However, a roller coaster without hills is no fun, right? Lacey wanted to meet the couple as well and something in my gut told me that no good could come of it. And I was right. Josh and Lacey came over all smiles and fucking manners and met the couple as they rose to go get in their car to take his wife home to recover.

The couple was no sooner out of the driveway when Lacey and Josh plopped down on our couch and started making jokes about the couple. Fuckingcruel jokes too which I will neither tell you the subject matter or the jokes themselves. I was pissed because I felt that the wife and i had an instant friendship going on with the couple. There was areal bond there. I told Josh and Lacey to leave and the wife and I shook our heads in disappointment and disbelief about how insensitive and childish Josh and Lacey could be.

Well, a while later, our new friends had made it home and he got online to tell me he had made the trip safely, happy that his appearance had not been an issuewith me.

That's when I got myself caught in a trap and was honset with him about how angry I was at Josh and Lacey and why. He pressed for details and I explained that I did not ant to type what they had said, but he asked for the details anyway. I was stuck. Morally, if I had not mentioned them saying anything behind his back, I felt that it would have been the equivilant of joining them in their laughter. If I did tell him anything about them laughing, it too had the possibility for devistation.

Reluctntly, I gave him the synopsis of what was said and apologised for bringing them over against my better judgement, whic (in retrospect) probably compounded the problem by giving the impression of "Yes, I know that you bear features which could be made fun of, so I'm just going to call my gut instinct 'shame' and hide you from my friends to prevent jokes". A lose-lose situation which left him angrily logging off and going to bed.

It is now 0600 am... almost 7 hours since they left, and I am still looking over at my yahoo in the hopes that he or his wife come on so that we could get the matter rsolved without them hating us for what tow superficial fucks said to make themselves feel supirior.

man, if you're reading this, you either came across it while looking for somone better than us or you came here as my friend despite those two and have a better understanding that neither my wife or I harbor those types of skewed ideals or morals. We enjoyed meeting you both and are sorry that we ever let Josh and Lacey into our lives. Please forgive us for the sins of our so-called frinds.

Everyone else who's reading these words will find out tomorow night if we were able to save a friendship WELL worth keeping.

One can only hope.

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