What women really want  

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11/9/2005 4:14 am

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What women really want

Ok...firstly hiya all.

Being a typical South African male, over worked, under paid with an over-eager sex drive, I'd like to know from the gorgeous SA ladies, what a guy has to do to get truely laid?

I'm not going to give you the married mans' union response of "I'm bored" or the equally overused "Variety is the spice of life" schpieel. I have no excuse to offer...guilty as charged. For me, the thrill of actually hooking up with a complete female stranger turns me on to no end. I suppose it's the fact that I can free my inabitions.....inabitions that I can't share with my wife.

So why did I get married, I hear you say? I believe that there is a soulmate for everyone on this earth, however, I also believe that one woman may not always satisfy a man truely in all ways, especially when it comes to forbidden carnal urges. When the heart and mind are in conflict, the mind will always win.

Can you women out there truely tell this poor Gautenger if he's watched one too many movies or are there really women out there that are turned on by having sex with a complete stranger?

Obviously, I understand that there must be a meeting of some sorts, whether it's the mind, looks or simply the animalistic sexual urge that drives two individuals to partake in life's carnel pleasures, but there must be a trigger.

Which brings me to this: What is a woman's take on no strings attached?

Here's my outlook: Maybe I'm just an overeager bunny wanting to get laid, but being married (I don't lie or hide the fact),I certainly wouldn't want to hook up with a fine filly to date her or even talk marriage plans. I just want to take advantage of aroused sexual nature and hook up to have a couple of hours of sex with a willing partner. If the sex is good, and we hook up again...great.

So ladies, post your comments and help this perturbed bunny get some insight into the SA female mind or possibly get laid.


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