punishment (more fantasy)  

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punishment (more fantasy)

I had only been with him once but he took me with such force, with such a ferocity, that it scared me. I didn't have the power to resist. I didn't have the will to resist. In the moment it was the sweetest thing I'd ever done. But afterwards I was scared and shaky. I had never responded to a man like that and I wasn't sure what it meant. But afterwards I did the only thing I knew how to do to try and regain my balance. I spent the weekend with another man. A tattooed biker. And took him to a party where I was sure all of our mutal friends would see.

It worked. Sort of. He knew I had spent the weekend with another man before I made it home. You can always count on there being one catty woman in the group to rat you out. But that was my plan. I wanted to scare him off. I wasn't ready for his intensity.

A few days later he showed up. "We have to talk," he said. I figured he was telling me he was through with me but I was wrong. I got this long drawn out fatherly lecture about how my behavior was dangerous. How I had run off with a man I barely knew. How I could have gotten hurt. He was right, of course. But it didn't matter. I was newly single and planning on having the time of my life.

The part I hadn't expected was that it wasn't optional.

"I'm not going to let you hurt yourself," he said. "If you won't take care of yourself, I'll take care of you."

I looked up at him. Those hypnotizing steel blue eyes, a silver mane of hair, a face wisened by time. He was almost 20 years my senior and at that moment I thought he knew everything. I was hooked. I believed every word he said. All I could do was mumble "Yes Sir."

"So then, you'll have to pay for what you did."

I wasn't really sure what he meant. Pay for it?

"On your knees." He motioned for me to get on my knees on the floor in front of him where he sat on the couch. I was confused but did what he said.

Very gently he reached out and stroked my cheek. "My sweet kitten," he said. "We can't have you running around acting like a slut."

I flinched. Slut. The word stung.

"From now on, the only one you'll be a slut for is me." It was so matter of fact yet the words sounded foreign to me. I'd never had a man speak to me like that. Part of me wanted to get up and walk out the door. I knew I could. But the other part of me was drawn to that spot at his feet where I was kneeling.

"Now, across my knees for your punishment."

I guess the surprise showed on my face. I hesitated not quite sure I understood what he meant. He didn't like the hesitation. He raised his voice and grabbed my arm pulling me up to him.

"When I tell you to do something, do it," he said firmly, pulling me across his lap.

I was stunned. Should I leave? Should I struggle? I didn't know what to do. All I knew is that I was face down across his lap like a naughty child and his hand was pushing my skirt up, revealing my bottom. I could feel his hand on my bare thighs. I could feel my skirt bunched up around my waist and knew he was looking at the black lace covering my butt. Very softly he stroked my bottom through the lace. I heard him breathe the word "lovely" just barely above a whisper. I felt him caress my crotch through the panties. I was wet and it embarassed me a little. Then in one smooth stroke he pulled my panties to my knees. I struggled and cried out, trying to roll away from him. It wasn't so much that I didn't want him to, just that he startled me doing it so fast.

When I struggled he grabbed both of my wrists and held them in one hand then pressed them to the small of my back. He leaned down close to me and said in a half whisper, half growl, "You don't have to be here. You can leave now. But if you don't leave right now, you are agreeing to whatever I choose to do to you."

It scared me. It excited me. I relaxed against him, resigning to stay. Submitting to his punishment.

"Good girl," he said, caressing my bare bottom. Then without warning his hand struck my bottom hard, without a doubt leaving a perfect red handprint, starting the first spanking of my adult life. I tried not to struggle but I couldn't help it. It stung. But he still had both of my hands trapped behind my back with his other hand. So with each blow I just squirmed against his lap and whimpered until the last blow when I had wiggled around to where my bare pussy was firmly rubbing against his knee. With that blow I squirmed and my clit made contact with his jeans. I whimpered and shuddered a bit. He noticed and stopped. He let go of my hands and grabbed my hair, pulling my head up so he could look at my face.

"Are you such a slut that you are going to cum from your spanking?"

I didn't want to answer but he insisted. Just a whisper, "Yes Sir."

He laughed at me. An evil laugh, and dropped my head back down. His hand stroked back down my bottom but didn't continue the spanking. This time his fingers traced down the crack of my ass to the wet spot between my legs.

"So wet," he said. "Your slut cunt wants to be fucked doesn't it?" I squeezed my eyes shut. The words stung but my body was responding. His fingers probed deeper and I spread my legs for him. He chuckled. I knew what he was thinking but I didn't care. I wanted his fingers inside of me. And I got them. First one. Sliding inside. Probing. Testing my reactions. Then two. Fucking me. I could feel how wet I was getting. The juices were running out of me and down my thighs. I could tell his fingers were slick with my juices. I was wetter than I'd ever been before. My hips were rocking up to meet his fingers. Faster. I wanted more. Then a third. He was stretching me open and fucking me hard with his fingers. I could hear the slurping sound my cunt was making around his fingers as he slammed them into me again and again. But it wasn't enough.

I turned towards him, my mouth touching his arm, the one that wasn't fucking me. I kissed it lightly. Tenderly. And whispered, "Please fuck me." I didn't know if he would hear it. I didn't know if he would want to fuck me. But I needed it.

He heard me. He wanted me to beg. Louder. Please, I said. Louder. PLEASE. Please what? His fingers were still pistoning into me over and over, driving me closer to that edge, but not enough. PLEASE FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK ME WITH YOUR COCK

He rolled me off his lap and onto the couch, kissing me hard on the mouth, claiming me with the kiss. It wasn't tender or loving. It was possessive. And I melted under his kiss.

Then he leaned me over the arm of the couch. Shoved me over the arm of the couch and pushed my skirt up around my waist. I heard his zipper then his pants hit the floor. I felt one hand on my hip, steadying himself, and the head of his cock against my cunt. Then he was inside of me, fucking me with his full length, slamming into me. He pulled me towards him by my hair till his mouth was against my ear. "Your wet cunt feels good," he growled into my ear. "You dirty little slut." I squeezed my eyes shut. It felt so fucking incredible but the words.... "My dirty slut," he grunted in my ear, slamming his hard cock into my wet cunt over and over. "Say it. Tell me you are my dirty slut." I shook my head no as best as I could but he had me by the hair. "You aren't?" he asked. "You want me to stop fucking you then?" He paused. I whimpered out loud and moved against him. "Please." Fuck. He knew I couldn't stop now. He knew he had me. "Please." He started back pumping his cock into me slowly. "Then say it. Tell me you are my whore. My fucking whore. My filthy slut. My cunt."

I had never said those words before and they froze in my throat. But he stopped again. I cried out. "Please. I'm your whore." I felt the tears start as he started back slowly fucking me. "I'm your dirty whore." His mouth sank to my neck and bit into the soft flesh. His arms wrapped around me pulling me tight and his cock, so hard, so big, started slamming into my wet cunt again. I could hear the slurping noises. I could feel the sticky wet juices running down my thighs. And I could feel the biggest orgasm of my life starting deep inside, building, burning. "I'm your dirty little slut," I cried out. "Fuck I'm gonna cum." But I knew. I knew instinctively what he wanted. "Please. Please may I cum?" I begged, my back already arching, the tingling already starting. If he said no, it was probably too late but I had to ask. Beg. Please.

I heard him say yes, just as I heard him grunt and felt his body spasm on top of mine. I could have probably felt his big hard cock throbbing inside of me shooting his cum inside of me but I was too busy cumming so hard that I couldn't feel anything else.

I caught my breath and slid out from under him. I looked up at him and that adoring look he was giving me and I felt changed. I knew.

I dropped to my knees and took his almost limp cock in my mouth, being so gentle with it, just barely licking off all the cum. I felt a little shudder of pleasure cleaning him with my mouth, like his slut should.

Htcrdnk1 51M  
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1/12/2006 11:36 pm

that sure sound like a good fansty to have , i hope it come true for you on day and soon

Htcrdnk1 51M  
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1/16/2006 9:09 pm

Well , did your fantasy come true for you yet , hmmmmm if if did I know you had a well plan night with that lucky man

BoredSoccerMom 49F

1/16/2006 11:49 pm

Not this particular fantasy but this was from a long time ago in my life. Now, just being taken hard and fast against the wall, a man who really knows what he wants and isn't afraid to take it... and a good spanking. Mmmmmmmmm

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