My Marlboro Man  

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1/10/2006 10:10 am

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My Marlboro Man

(copied from my blog December 29, 2005)

My fantasy date (warning: explicit adult content)

If I was going to create a fantasy man for some great fantasy sex, no reality involved.....

I think I would make him a modern day Marlboro man. Probably about 6'1" with dark hair and one of those little goatees that I think always make men look evil. He would be mid-40's with a little bit of gray sprinkled in his hair and tan with a few laugh lines and weathered wrinkles spreading out from his eyes. His hands should be big and strong, a little rugged but with a perfect manicure. No callouses, nice and soft. And he would have broad shoulders, huge arms that take both my hands to wrap around when he flexes (because being my fantasy and all, he has plenty of time for 2 hours a day at the gym), and a chest that makes me want to rest my cheek on it. He will be a responsible professional, respected in his community, but with no secrets, nothing to hide, and no cares if the world sees what a bad boy he can be on his own time. He should ride a horse but that's not practical in today's traffic. A harley would be fitting. But instead he will probably drive something manly but not too redneck, that gives no clue of the kind of money he makes.... like maybe a jeep, but not a bright and shiny new one. His diet will consist of caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol, because this is total fantasy and real men can live like that and still be gorgeous in the fantasy world. He will eat peanuts with the shells still on, drink whiskey straight from the bottle, and be able to give orders back to the hospital over the phone without missing a beat on whatever delicious thing he is doing to my body at the moment.

Meeting him should be total fantasy too. Maybe I would answer a cheesy adult personal ad and tell him that I want something uncomplicated and completely over the top sensually. Maybe we would talk on the phone once or twice but not about anything important. He would call me in the middle of the grocery store and tell me how he wanted to bend me over his desk, how I needed to be there right at that moment. And I would decide that I wanted to be there. Because, after all, it's my fantasy so it can go however I want.

I'll drive to him an hour away, because even though he offers to come to me, he's a bad boy and bad boys seem to make us want to go to them. I will be nervous. Beyond nervous. So nervous that I take a wrong turn even though I have been this way 100 times. He will be early and call me, talk dirty to me while I drive down the little 2 lane country road, to make me forget my nerves a bit. And I will tell myself, it's not really happening. It's just a bad fantasy gone awry. And I'll close my eyes and jump.

He will open the door dressed in a tshirt that shows off those shoulders, a pair of skin tight levi's and motorcycle boots, because all bad boys know that footwear should double as a weapon. I'll be dressed in a cream colored sheer lace shirt with a flesh colored lacey cami under it, a black skirt, and heels. He fills the doorway, his sheer presence intimidating but I pretend to be unruffled and breeze by him, dropping my bag on the floor and sitting on the couch. He will shut the door and ask if I changed my mind. Not the typical man, nothing to lose, he feels no need to compliment my outfit or tell me that I am acceptable in anyway. Instead, he will just walk to me, lean over and kiss me long and hard on the lips. Not a small tentative kiss. Not the kind of kiss usually reserved for strangers having anonymous stranger sex. But a possessive kiss, warning me that I should probably leave because he plans on taking whatever he wants from me. And while he was kissing me, his hands would roam... first to my hair, then down my breasts, and finally between my legs, touching, rubbing, making me climax without breaking that first kiss. Because that's what fantasy bad boys do.

Then he would unzip his pants and take out his hard cock. It would be extraordinary. 8 inches, maybe 9 but I'd be too busy to measure, and thick with a nice upward curve. Of course he would wear no underwear because it's my fantasy and it would just get in the way. He would tangle his fingers back in my hair, looking down at me, and pull me to it with no resistance on my part. Or maybe a little resistance, just to feel him pull me that way. And even though I pride myself on my oral skills, there is no way I could ever take all of him in my mouth. I'm not certain, for a moment, that I will ever take all of him anywhere. But I am willing to give it a try because I know he plans on using it anywhere he wants. Everywhere....

The next few hours will be a blur of pleasure so intense that my body almost perceives it as pain. Hitting bottom so hard it almost hurts. Taking me so hard again and again even after I climax that I start to feel my head spinning out of control, threatening to lose conciousness. I beg him to stop. To let me catch my breath. To let me rest. And he doesn't. He is relentless. When my legs go weak and can't support me, he just flips me over and finds a new position. When he does stop to let me rest and I am laying in a limp puddle, smiling and exhausted, he gets up and makes phone calls to the hospital to check on patients, takes a shot of whiskey straight from the bottle, paces, watches me, waits impatiently. He will disappear to the the convenience store next door to the hotel for something to eat and come back with diet Mountain Dew, beef jerky, roasted peanuts, and low carb chocolate. He will feed me low carb chocolate in bed, probably hoping to get my strength back up, and peanuts. He will even take the shells off my peanuts, even though he eats about half of his shell and all. "They are good for you," he will say. But he will also say that about excessive amounts of caffeine and a little whiskey and all of his other vices. Maybe during one of these periods of rest, a few hours into it, he will ask my name. Not because he actually cares. Maybe he is going to use it to file away this experience in his brain alphabetically. And I will tell him the truth, even though I had no intention of telling him, because I will realize he is no threat to my real world. And at the slightest sign of my recovery, he will start back despite my plea for a little more time to rest.

I will wake up at 5:00 am on opposite sides of the bed, sleeping without touching, total strangers again. I will realize that he fucks like a machine. Like a bull in heat. But he never lets his guard down the whole time. No way I could steal his soul, because he is as dark and empty inside as I am. And we are a perfect pair. Emotional mirror images. Perfect halves to a very dark whole.

We will shower and dress without uncomfortable small talk. We don't see the need to pretend it was anything more than it was. "So, did I lie?" he will ask, and I will realize he is a little insecure and had something to prove. I pause. For a second I see inside and realize he lost his soul when he lost his soulmate. Just like me. And this is the dangerous path I'm headed down if I don't get control. Or find my way back home to the one I love. Now I am in jeans and a sweater and riding boots, no makeup, hair mussed. I have nothing to prove. I shoulder my black leather backpack and walk to him. I stop, lean up, and kiss him on the cheek, running my nails through his hair lightly and looking into his eyes. They are brown, but so dark that they almost look black. "Definitely worth the drive," I say. "You have my number. Call me next time you are horny and alone." And with that I will walk away. An open invitation but no expectations. After all, if I had reached out for him I would have been rejected just like I reject everyone who gets close to me. I'll crank my car, turn up Tencacious D and for some reason I will think that I should call Anthony and tell him I got laid, even though it's only 3:30 LA time.

And maybe I will stop and watch the sunrise behind the tiny sliver of a moon also just rising. But I won't take pictures because this will be a morning that should live only in my memory. Since after all, it was only just a fantasy.

mailmantrouser2 54M
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1/10/2006 12:47 pm

I like the way you write your descriptions, very observant. Not like mine, viz.:

You are having problem getting your shipment released by Customs. You know that all your paperwork is in order and you have paid the requisite duty and other fees. Still the customs inspector keeps holding it up, for one silly reason after another. So you have to keep going back to him, twice a day, to try and get his stamp of approval on your forms. One reason you don't mind too much is that he is a very nice looking man, especially in that uniform, and the way he looks at you speaks volumes. He openly stares at your tits, admiring the way they make your sweater bulge, your nipples clearly showing as little peaks, since you do not wear a bra. Finally, you go back late in the day, close to closing time, and try one more time. Again, it does not work, so you ask him if there is a way that you and he can work it out between each other. He says "Maybe" and leads you to a room down the hall. He locks the door once you are both inside and you see that against the wall are a couple of beds. He tells you that this room is used sometimes by the inspectors if they have to work a night shift, but that is not the case today. He removes his jacket and pulls you to him, embracing you tightly, asking "OK?". You just nod your assent and respond fervently to his kissing you. His hands move under your sweater, up your back and then to the front, cupping your breasts. He turns you around, so that you are with your back to him and he pulls your sweater over your head and off. This leaves you naked from the waist up and you feel him touching your skin, searching for your sensitive spots and stroking you, squeezing your tits and pinching your nipples. You move your ass against him and feel him swelling inside his pants. You reach back between your bodies and take his cock into your hand, through his clothing. He grunts and one of his hands goes down lower and lower, to the hem of your miniskirt and lifts that up. He can now feel your bare thighs and you spread your legs a little to give him better access. When he reaches your panties he says: "You're all wet, you little slut, all ready for a fuck I guess." Again, you only nod, and you feel his hand all over your wet panties, giving your cunt a thorough feel, then pulling your panties aside, his fingers begin to explore you neither region. You feel yourself getting wetter and squirm a little under his touches. Then, he lets go and sits down on one of the beds, opening his pants to let out his cock, all hard and red and purple. "On your knees," he tells you and you can only obey. His cock sllwly disappears between your sucking lips, while your tongue bathes the tip. He begins to make a fucking motion in your mouth and you are afraid he is going to come too soon. So you stop and look up at him sitting there with you between his knees. "Please fuck me," you beg him, "you made me so hot." He stands up and tells you : "Take your clothes off, whore."
You quickly get rid of your skirt and panties, but leave your stockings on. Then you lie back on the bed and pull up your knees and spread them wide, while he gets his pants off. His cock is really huge now and you are not sure it will fit. "Open your cunt for me," he commands and you obediently use both your hands to part your cunt lips and show him everything. He mounts you and you guide his cock into your channel, a tight fit but oh so good. He pumps you and you pump back against him, moaning and crying, until you can feel your cunt beginning to spasm, spreading the excitement all through your body and you shout: "Now, yes now, take me deep, make me feel your big cock, fill me up." our convulsions climax and as you begin to taper down you feel him spewing deep inside you. You stay connected for a while, bnut then you get up. You use your panties to clean his cock and dry your pussy, putting them in your purse afterwards.

He says he will release your shipment now, if you promise to come back. You tell him to trust you, that you will be back soon for more of his treatment, kissing his soft cock. Now he gets up and dresses and you both go to the warehouse to get your shipment. He helps you put it in your car and ou kiss him goodbye, saying "I'll be so hot tonight thinking about this, I'll rush back here as soon as I can."


rm_lookandfind2 64M

1/12/2006 4:01 am

interesting blog mom. maybe someday you will get to live it. have lots of pleasant daydreams.

BoredSoccerMom 49F

1/12/2006 8:57 am

Well write them all out.

rm_lookandfind2 64M

1/12/2006 3:43 pm

guess i'm better at putting them into action than writing them out.

mailmantrouser2 54M
534 posts
1/12/2006 4:35 pm

I have, and I did already. Want to see more? E-mail me.

fantomflyer26 40M

1/26/2006 8:27 am

Boredsoccermom... Lets act it out instead

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