Something I have in common with Dick Cheney.  

BorderWolf 49M/41F
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3/13/2006 4:41 pm

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3/14/2006 7:30 pm

Something I have in common with Dick Cheney.

I just realized I have something in common with the Vice President.

For those new to my blog I used to run an adult website called XXX Lace. There was this one time when the model (Her name was Lace) was giving me head and when I came the intitial burst shot over her head and hit some people about four feet away....

True story...better to be accidently hit by my bad dick shot then Dick's bad shot.

At least when I miss no one goes to the hospital.

I know this would have been a lot funnier if I had thought it up right after the Vice President shot the guy! You would be laughing your ass off two weeks ago.... no really, you would! Trust me!

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