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1/4/2006 9:37 am

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Fuck Report

I really get off on hearing about a woman fucking. I made up this report for one of my girlfriends (we played together and alone). Everytime she fucked someone without me I wanted to know all the details (like I said it really gets me off) so I made the follwing Fuck Report.

Fuck Report
Try to answer as many of these as you can when you tell me about the who you fuck

Did you already know him?
Where did you meet?
Who picked up who?
What did he look like (Age, Race, Height, Hair, Tattoos etc.)?
What was his personality like? Cocky? Shy? Funny? Nerdy? Etc.
What did you do/say to get him interested?
Where did you go to fuck?
Were you both sober? A little drunk? A lot drunk?
Were you Aggressive? Passive? Nervous? Excited?
Did he do everything you wanted?
Does he know you fuck other people? That you plan to fuck more? Does he care?
Did he find any of your erogenous zones?
Did you tell him where they were?

Did you make out first?
Play any kinky games with him?
Did he suck your pussy? Lick your asshole?
Did he pay enough attention to your tits?
How long?
Did he do it good?
Did you/he talk during it?
Did you cum from it?
Did you suck his dick?
How long? Did he Cum from it?
If he came, were you able to get him hard again?

About how big/thick was his cock?
Did it feel good in you?
Did he fuck your ass?
Did you tell him what to do?
Did either of you talk dirty?
Did either of you take control of the situation?
Did you cum? Did he?
Where did he cum?
If you didn’t cum, does he think you did?
Did it last too long? Too Short?
Did he do anything kinky or out of the ordinary?

Did he go down on again you after?
Did you go down on him after?
Shower together?
Did you make out? Cuddle or do anything after?
How soon did he or you leave?
Did you like him?
Do you want to fuck him again? Will you?
Why or why not?
Anything else interesting to tell?
Most Important: Was it fun?

She was not expected to actually fill it out, but it was meant to give her things to think about while she was enjoying herself.

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