The final hours of New Year's Eve......  

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12/28/2005 12:36 pm

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The final hours of New Year's Eve......

...As the final hours of New Year's Eve came to a close, we were kissing, and touching each other's bodies. Your hands were in my hair and mine were caressing and stroking your monstrous tits.

Your hands began to untie my tie, and unbutton my shirt. You began to lick and suck my nipples. My hands unzipped your very tight fitting dress, and we had to move away from each other in order to relieve ourselves of our clothing. You were wearing the hottest black satin teddy, with the peek-a-boo nipples. Also, with garter belts, and yes, fishnet stockings with the line going up and down your hot shapely legs. My hands were sweating because they wanted to feel your soft, and tender body.

I had a bulge growing under my dress pants, the pinstripe was rising in the crotch, I looked up at you and I saw you licking your lips. I smiled and began to unbuckle my belt and pull my pants down; but you beat me to the punch. You had my belt unbuckled, and my zipper was pulled down quicker then I could blink.

You reached inside of my boxers, and pulled out my swelling membrane, and started to stroke it. I laid back and slid down to the edge of the couch cushion, and just let you have your way with me. You kneeled down on both knees, and all I could do is look at those luscious breasts move down. You licked underneath of my membrane and it stiffened very slowly. My hips began to move slowly, along with your licks. You put your hand on my waist to keep me still. And of course, I obeyed.

Your mouth covered the top of my "head", I almost lost my gizzum. But I held back, your mouth was so warm and soft, I was just enjoying your slow motion. You licked underneath of my chestnuts, and I smiled, and moaned.

Your sucking and licking was becoming more and more intense. You stopped every now and again, to give me the hottest blow job I've ever received in my life. I almost lost my load the second time, but I held back. Your spit covered my dick, OH, it felt sooooooo good. My log was becoming larger and harder, and you were becoming more and more aroused. But you kept going slower and with the bobbing of your head.

You lightly stroked my nuts, and then you slid your mouth off of my dick. You bent over and showed me that you had on crotchless panties, but I kept stroking, my large tree trunk. You put your hot and wet pussy on my thigh, and I almost lost my load again. Finally, you took off the peek-a-boo teddy, and tossed it onto the floor, along with our clothes. You climbed on top of me, and pushed my hand away. "All aboard, all those going for a hard ride, please hold on, the ride might become rather bumpy." I said, as I held you around your waist, and let you board my jet plane.

You lowered yourself on me very slowly, I dropped my hands to my side. Your pussy walls were soooooo hot and tight, it was like I was fucking a virgin. "Oh baby, damn! You feel sooo good, please ride me slowly. I want to feel your pussy sucking my dick." I asked, humbly. You smiled as you slowly went up and down. I reached up and stroked your nipples with the palm of my hand.

I grabbed them and squeezed tight, your pussy muscles grabbed my dick in response, and I loosened my grip. And your pussy muscles did the same in response. I felt the wetness covering my dick, the heat of your sauna was driving me crazy. You began riding harder and harder, until I exploded. Cum filled your mouth. I looked at the clock it was 5 minutes until blast off time again.

After I had finished cumming, I laid you down, I separated your lips, and I began to slowly lick your clit. I gently sucked it, but every time you started to cum, I moved my tongue. You shoved my head deeper onto your pussy, and I just couldn't resist. I heard fireworks exploding, I heard people shouting, "Happy New Year!" But all I heard was you shouting, "SUCK MY PUSSY, DAMN'T IT! OH YEAH, BABY, YEAH, THAT'S IT SUCK IT AND LICK IT!"

So, I sucked and licked your pussy and you came allllll over my face. After you came one last time, I exploded again. And we kissed as the song Auld Lang Syne was playing in the background.

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