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Seduction is defined this way: To induce to engage in sex. To entice or begile.

Hello.. May I suggest that you get comfortable, because this a very long seduction between a Princess and a Knight....

Sir Raven was riding on her horse and she was approached by the Queen's messenger. Sir Raven brought her horse to a halt and bowed. "Hail, Sir Raven! Her Majesty, Queen Creidae wishes for you to come to her throne room to receive royal orders!" "Hail Lady Samantha! I shall be there before the sun goes down on the horizon." "Nay! She wishes to see you at once!" Said Lady Samantha. "Very well then I shall come with you at once." Said Sir Raven, as she gently tapped her horse to begin the journey. Lady Samantha and Sir Raven rode to Queen Creidae's castle with great speed. As they approached the drawbridge, Lady Samantha went ahead; Sir Raven wasn't far behind. As they reached the stables, they both dismounted and let the stable hands take their horses. As they began to go to the castle, Lady Samantha stopped Sir Raven. "Let us make haste, Lady Samanthat, the Queen awaits!"

Lady Samanthat said, "The Queen wants you to refresh yourself, and to put on some proper garments". Sir Raven inclined her head in a respectful bow. Sir Raven went to the rear of the stable where a nicely drawn bath was waiting for her. She lowered the curtain and began to remove her light armor. As she lowered herself into the large wooden tub, she relaxed and a maidservant came in.

Sir Raven slid lower into the bath and had a look of surprise on her face. "I shall bathe alone! Remove yourself from this bath chamber!" "Please forgive me, Sir Raven, but the Queen wishes that you be properly scrubbed and relaxed!" The maidservant said. "Fair enough!" Said Sir Raven as she sat up. The maidservant came forward and put the towel, washcloth and a bar of lavender soap on a nearby table. "May I move your armor, Sir Raven?" Asked the maidservant. "Nay, as it will not mover for anyone else, it is bewitched and only I can touch it." Said Sir Raven, as she moved forward to have her back scrubbed.

"By the way, milady, what is your name?" ask Sir Raven, as she smiled with contentment as her back was being scrubbed. "Tis Rachel, kind Knight." "Well, Rachel, you give a very nice scrubbing." Rachel smiled and continued with Sir Raven's bath. After Sir Raven's bath was completed, she slowly got out of the bathtub to revel a scarred, but muscular body. Rachel blushed at Sir Raven's protruding manhood. Sir Raven smiled and covered her protruding manhood with a large cloth. After Sir Raven properly dried off, She put on a light tunic and picked up her armor. As she was led into the Queen's private chamber, she placed her armor on the stand and presented herself to the Queen. As Sir Raven approached Queen Creidae's chamber door, she knocked. "Enter!" Came the royal command. "Sir Raven, yes, please come in. I have been waiting for you most patiently. I have something that I want you to do, I want you to seduce my daughter, Princess Regina. She's been saying to me that she finds you to be a capable scoundrel and she wishes to receive your amorous attentions."

Sir Raven smiled and bowed again. Sir Raven has seen the Princess during a ride through the countryside, but it was dangerous to even approach her. "Yes, your majesty, I shall give her all of my attention." and bowed, but stayed in place. "You may go to the guest chamber and I shall let her know that you are there to have a "conversation". "Yes your majesty, very good your majesty, at once!" Sir Raven bowed again, and Rachel curtsied. Rachel turned to lead Sir Raven to the guest chamber. After picking up her armor, Sir Raven was led to the guest chamber.

The edges of the room was covered with large candelabras of different sizes of candles of lavender all of them were lit. The wooden shutters were opne and a warm breeze was blowing through. After putting her armor on the wooden dummy, she sat down on the overstuffed leather and fur-covered chair. She began to east some fruit, as she awaited the prescence of the Princess.

Within a few minutes, the door came open and Sir Raven rose. The Princess in all of her glorious evening clothes, or what was there(which was very little), came in and had a large smile on her face. Sir Raven bowed deeply. "Princess Regina, I am honored to be in your company." Princess Regina curtsied deeply and said, "No, Sir Raven the honor is all mine. When my mother, the Queen told me that you were here to visit me, I made haste!" Sir Raven bowed again and said, "Would you like to share some wine, Princess?" Princess Regina walked into the guest chamber and walked over to the same large chair that Sir Raven was sitting on. Sir Raven got up, but Princess Regina shook her head and Sir Raven sat down. Sir Raven poured some wine in a large goblet. As she put the wine canister down, Princess Regina touched Sir Raven's hand. Sir Raven looked at the Princess and smiled.

She slowly removed her hand and cleared her throat. "May I not touch you, Sir Raven?, am I not to know the wonderful delights of your body?" "Aye, your majesty, but tis my desire to know the delights of your soft and tender body."

Princess Regina moved closer to Sir Raven and put her hand on her thigh, Sir Raven relaxed completely. Sir Raven swallowed the wine she had in her mouth. She put her wine goblet down and moved in for a kiss. Princess Regina sat still and received her kiss from Sir Raven.

Sir Raven gave her a slow and passionate kiss. Her hand went up to Princess Regina's hair and ran her fingers through it and held her head still. As the kiss heated up, their tongue played with each other. Sir Raven's kisses moved slowly down Princess Regina's neck, along with her tongue, kisses and nibbles behind the ears.

As Sir Raven let her hand go down to Princess Regina's very ample breasts; as she stroked them lightly, they seemed to grow with desire. Sir Raven's mouth slowly moved down her neck and she slid her tongue between Princess Regina's breasts; she put her face in her soft crease. She smelled her perfume and she became intoxicated by the heavenly smell. "Princess, you smell divine. MMMMMMMMMM, you are pleasing me, am I mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, pleasing you?" "You are pleasing me, very much, Sir Raven, please continue with you ministrations." "I shall obey you command, Princess." Said Sir Raven; as she reached around Princess Regina to unburden her of her top garment. Her very ample bosoms gently came out and her nipples were erect. Sir Raven gently picked up the wine goblet and put some wine in her mouth. She put her mouth between Princess Regina's bosoms and released the wine. It flowed down them and Sir Raven gradually licked it up. There were some drops on her nipples and she sucked them off slowyl and teasingly.

Princess Regina pushed Sir Raven's face into her bosoms. Sir Raven rubbed her face slowly between Princess Regina's bosom's very slow. She slid her tongue out and licked her. Sir Raven moved back and said, "May we continue on the bed, Princess?" As she made her way across the room, she closed the door. Princess Regina moved the covers back and she removed the bottom part of her garmets. Sir Raven removed her tunic. Her erection was very pronounced, but she did't pay it any attention, but Princess Regina did! Sir Raven climbed onto the bed and she continued kissing Princess Regina quickly heating body. She ran her tongue down the lenght of her stomach and kissed and nibbled on her thighs.

Princess Regina reached for Sir Raven's manhood and began to stroke her. "Your majesty, Oh, your majesty." Said, Sir Raven, as Princess Regina continued to stroke Sir Raven's rock hardness. Sir Raven turned Princess Regina over and bega to rub and kiss her back along with tiny bites. "Sir Raven, you are very well endowed and very talented." Said Princess Regina. "Thank you. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, your majesty." Sir Raven moaned as she kissed the length of Princess Regina's backside. Sir Raven began to stroke herself. Princess Regina turned around and saw Sir Raven begin to relieve her growing and hardening wood. She moved Sir Raven's hand and lightly stroked Sir Raven.

Princess Regina ran her tongue all over Sir Raven's wood. She sucked and hummmed until Sir Raven exploded. Princess Regina swallowed Sir Raven's cum. She bent over to Sir Raven and they kissed. Sir Raven slowly laid Princess Regina down. Sir Raven slid down to Princess Regina's jewels and began to delight her.

She opened up her legs and then her lips and slowly licked her cum covered clit. Sir Raven slowly put three fingers into Princess Regina's very virginal pussy. Princess Regina slowly "rode" Sir Raven's tongue and fingers. Sir Raven's other hand went up to Princess Regina's breasts and began to squeeze and pinch her nipples. She moaned really loud, she encouraged Sir Raven on.

Princess Regina said, "I order you to fuck me and don't stop until I tell you." Do you, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, understand?" "MMMMMMMMMMM, yes your highness!" Sir Raven got on her knees, Her wood was back. She slowly slid it in Princess Regina's saturated and well prepared "jewelry box." As she put her sword inside of Princess Regina's crown scabbard, the both of them moaned and sighed at the same time. Sir Raven moved in deep and stroked her so deep and sweet. Princess Regina grabbed Sir Raven's ass and rode her hard and long. "Princess, mmmmmmmmmmmm, Princess, I'm getting ready to give you my joy, may I fill your jewelry box with my pearls?" Sir Raven asked, she pulled out just a bit. "Not yet, you scoundrel! MMMMMMMMMMMMM, oh, you feel so good, keep stroking!" Princess Regina said, as she bucked like a horse. "MMMMMMMMMMM, yes your majesty!" Sir Raven said, as she made her strokes more slower and teasing. The bed rocked and jumped, the black satin sheets were soaked with cum; that was spilling out of Princess Regina's box.

"OH YES, CUM MY LOVE, CUM! Princess Regina said most sensously. "YES, OOHHOOHHOOOHHHH, your majesty!" Sir Raven didn't have to stroke that hard, she came with such force that cum overflowed Princess Regina's jewelry box with her pearls....

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