Ok Nursie, is it time for my bath yet?  

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1/18/2006 8:43 pm

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Ok Nursie, is it time for my bath yet?

Ok, we all know where this is going, please, the next time you see a hot nurse, control yourself! LOL!

I was asleep in my hospital bed, when my door opened. The nurse that washes me came in with a plastic washing pan. It was full of warm to hot water. I slowly opened my eyes and I smiled. She smiled in return, and placed the washing pan on the table that was on the side of the bed. She closed the door and locked it. I then woke up completely. She had on her usual nursing uniform, but for some reason it was especially tight fitting on her. It was so tight that when she bent over to pick a tissue off of the floor, I saw her crotchless panties.

When she stood up, I looked at her and smiled like a kid in a candy store. She had the longest black hair, and it seemed that her tits were way too big to fit in that tight uniform, I mean you could see her nipples. She greeted me with a smile. She moved my covers back and began to remove my hospital gown. Her cleavage was so tight you could put a piece of paper in between her breasts, and it would stay. Her perfume was so yummy smelling.

The cold air hit my member and it hardened even more. Just the very sight of the crotchless panties got its "attention". She looked at me and said, "Oh, it's awake!" I nodded and giggled. She lowered the bed and pulled the covers further down. She got the wash rag, put it in the water, and soaped it up; she began to wash my face, neck and chest.

After rinsing the soap off, she took the wash pan into the bathroom, and emptied it, and then filled it back up. All the while, she was looking at me, and licking her lips and looking at my popcicle. I smiled, and I know I was blushing. She put some more water in the wash bin, and brought it back into the room and placed it on the table. She got the wash rag again, soaped it up, and washed my stomach, gently, and then my thighs. After that was done she rinsed me off again, back to the bathroom she went. This time, while rinsing out the wash pan, she started to unbutton her uniform, and she showed me the black lace teddy that she had on underneath. As she came back into the room with the wash pan, she asked me, "Could you turn around on your stomach so I can wash your back?"

I moved quicker than a pancake being flipped over. She washed my back, and ran her fingernails down it. Then she washed my ass. "Nice ass you have." "Thanks" I said, while smiling from ear to ear. She rinsed me off again, and she said, "You can lie back on your back again." I slowly laid back down. As she turned to go back into the bath room, she looked at me and winked. I blushed again. As she was emptying and filling the wash pan again, she started to play with her boulders. She was pinching her nipples, and squeezing herself. It was driving me crazy. She rubbed her pussy lips, and pushed her finger inside of her pillbox. I started to pant.

My flagpole was getting harder and harder. She brought the wash pan back into the room and looked at my peter. She smiled and said, "Thank you for your assistance." "No, problem, I like to be of help." We both laughed. She gently washed my dick and my balls. As she rinsed it off, she said, "You can relax now." I shook my head and said, "No, I think it wants your attention." "Ok, I'll pay it some attention." She said, as she smiled, devilishly. She lowered my bed, and took her uniform off, along with her shoes. She got between my legs, and unhooked her teddy. Her huge melons came popping out. She started rubbing them on my hardening pecker, it felt sooooo goooood. I felt myself close to cumming and she kept on until I sprang forth my enthusiasum. She said, "You're not done yet". I looked at her in amazement, and she lowered her mouth on me and slowly started pumping me for more gizum. I grabbed the side bars and just enjoyed the feeling of her hot mouth on me. My balls were hard, and she kept stroking them, gently and lightly. She had my dick so hard, I was ready to shoot my load, she stopped, and I kept stroking myself. She got up and put both of her feet on the side of my waist, and slowly lowered herself down. When her hot suction cups started to suck my thermometer, my temperature definately rose. She went slow, then she rode me like a bucking bronco. I sucked the air between my teeth and almost let out a loud moan, but she looked at me, and put her finger to her mouth. I smiled and nodded.

As she continued her "rubdown", I put my hand on her ass and I did a little bit of physical therapy. I pumped her real hard, and she arched her back, backwards, and she came silently. I was to my exploding peak again, and her pussy teased me one more time, As she slid off, she got down between my legs again, and I was stroking my meat. She said, "I'll continues with this operation, thank you." I slowly moved my hand away. She lightly and gently stroked my schlong, I put a pillow over my mouth and I shouted for joy as I erupted. After my syringe queezed out the rest of my medicine, I passed out. After waking up, the second time that morning, I looked down. My bed had been changed, I was covered with my blanket, and my sexy nursie, was dressed and her hair was up in a proper bun. "I washed you again, you were so messy." I nodded and smiled. She picked up the empty wash pan, walked to the door, unlocked it, and before she walked out, "See you tomorrow morning." I waved, yawned and said, "See you tomorrow morning." I then went to sleep with a smile on my face....

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hi long time i need 2 c u

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