Let me tease you.....  

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9/9/2006 9:05 am
Let me tease you.....

Hello everyone. Yes it's been a while since I've been here. I've been going through a lot of personal changes and I've moved into a better apartment. Life is good. Well, you don't want to read my tame thoughts, you wanted to read my sexual stories, ok, here you are:

After installing the last tire on a pick-up truck for the night, I brought it down off of the lift. Thoughts of your body ran through my head, I could feel myself becoming aroused as I walked over to the computer to enter the work that I had done. After giving the salesman the work order, I returned to the shop.

My supervisor told me to clock out, he didn't have to tell me twice. I went to the scrubroom to wash the tire dust and other gunk off. Then I made a pit stop in the bathroom.

I went to my locker, got my coat, hat and scarf and put them on. After closing my locker and leaving the locker room, I clocked out and went on my way home.

I turned into our driveway and pulled into my parking space. After putting my truck into park and after locking it up for the night, I went into the house. I put my lunch bag down on the counter. You came out to greet me and we met for a brief kiss. Your hand reached for my belt buckle.

I came out of our kiss and I pulled back and said. "I need a shower. Stop." You had a sad look on your face, but you let me pass peacefully. I went upstairs and into the bathroom. I could smell dinner cooking and it smelled good. As I rinsed off for the last time, I turned the shower off. After stepping out onto the bath towel that was on the floor, I began to dry off.

I reached up to get my pajama bottoms off of the hook that was on the back of the bathroom door, I put them on and decided to leave my chest bare. I came downstairs and went to the kitchen. I sat down and you put our supper on the table. We ate our food, but our eyes couldn't stay off of each other. I noticed you had taken off your apron; you had on my favorite underthings, a black garter belt and the stockings with the black seam up the back.

I could feel my cock beginning to rise to the occasion, but I ignored it. When we finished our dinner you came closer to me and brushed your breast up against my arm, I could feel a wave of desire rush over me. I was still tired from work and I just smiled.

I got up and went to the refrigerator and got a bottle of beer. I popped the cap off, tossed the lid in the garbage can, I pinched your bare ass and you hissed and giggled at me. I laughed and went into the living room to sit down. I didn't realize I had fallen asleep, but after a while, I woke up from my name and went to go and use the bathroom.

After washing my hands and drying them, I opened the bathroom door, you were leaning on the hallway wall. I looked at you and smiled. When I approached the top of the stairs, you cleared your throat. "Ahem, and where do you think you're going?" You asked, as you walked closer to me. "I'm going back downstairs to finish off my beer and catch the rest of the game." I said, as I stood completely still.

"No, I don't think so. I've been waiting to be fucked all day, now come to bed!" I looked at you and chuckled. As I turned around to go back downstairs, you grabbed my waistband and pulled me into our bedroom. You pulled me over to our bed, we were giggling at the absurdity of you taking control.

I pulled you close to me, I ran my hand down your back and onto your ass cheeks. You ran your hands down my chest and down my waist. Your fingers pulled down my pajama bottoms and my johnson was ready to be stroked and needed a lot of attention. You slowly stroked me. I breathed in deep and slow. You slowly bent down and sucked on the head of my pecker. "MMMMMM, oh yeah, baby suck on it, damn that feels great." I said, as I slowly rocked my hips back and forth.

Your tongue ran along the shaft of my cock and you licked the underside of my popsicle. I closed my eyes and smiled. You kissed my balls and licked them and my pecker jumped.

"What's the matter, big boy? Did I make you 'spring' into attention?" You asked, as you gave my nuts a light squeeze. "Uh, um, uh, d-d-d-damn baby, why do you have to be so hard on my jewels?" After you finished sucking my swollen cock head, I was regained my ability to speak. You said, "I just wanted to feel them jingle, That's all."

You stood up and made me lay down. As I moved to the center of the bed, my pogo stick bounced up and down. I laid on my back, you looked at me with lust in your eyes and you put my cock all the way in your mouth.

Your hot mouth short circuited my thought processes. I moaned and sighed. Your hand moved up and down slowly on my shaft. I could feel you lightly rubbing my balls, which were growing bigger and harder. My breathing was getting deeper and my moans were getting louder.

Your head bobbed up and down. Your sucking was becoming more intense. My hands went onto your head, my breathing was getting deeper. You gave me a blow on my rock hard cock head, my balls tightened under me and my cream filled your mouth, you choked a bit, but you swallowed it all.... After my explosion, you stood over top of me and slowly lowered yourself onto my hardened pole.

"Damn, your pussy is hot, baby." I gasped, as you began to ride me. I reached up and began to play with your melons. My hips kept drilling into your soft pillow. I held you down on me and went in as deep as possible. I could feel your pussy coating my pecker with your sweet necter. Your panting and groaning was telling me that you were ready to cum on me.

You whispered my name deeply and passionetly, and as you thrust your hips, you whole body shook and you called my name out loud and lustfully. You came with such a force-- and so did I, that the bed shook and banged against the wall.....

After we coated our bed sheets with our cum and sweat, you got off of my fire pole and laid down next to me. After you fell asleep, I got up, put my pajama bottoms on and went back downstairs to watch the evening news...

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