Getting ready for my meeting....  

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12/25/2005 7:51 pm

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12/19/2006 6:27 pm

Getting ready for my meeting....

I watched you as you were cleaning my home office. I watched you as you bent over and picked up different things like coins, pens, pencils and balls of paper.

I had books and magazines strewn about. My briefcase was sitting wide open. You were grumbling, but you kept picking things up off of the floor. You came to my side of my desk, and bent over with your ass exposed to me. I couldn't resist, I reached my hand out, and slipped it between your thighs. I rubbed your hot pussy. You stopped grumbling and moaned. I moved back from my desk, and I pulled you down on my lap.

You said, "I have to finish cleaning your office before your meeting. Let me finish, please." I didn't say anything. I reached under your shirt and unsnapped the front of your bra, and your boobs relaxed. The sweat ran down between your breasts. I kneaded, squeezed and stroked your breasts with one hand; the other was rubbing the small of your back. You were rocking your ass on my slowly growing erection. Both of my hands were holding your waist and I was grinding myself into your ass.

My hand slid between your legs and rubbed your hot, denim crotch. I could feel your wetness soaking through. Our breathing was heavy and passionate. You stood up and unfastened your pants and sat in my lap facing me. We kissed passionately and long. My right hand slipped up your thigh. It rubbed your dripping, hot and wet pussy. Your tongue filled my mouth as you moaned, and desire swept us both away. I slid my middle finger in. It went in so nice and easy. "MMMMMMMMMMMM" I mumbled. "MMMMMM" you moaned in response. As I was stroking in and out of your slippery cavern, my thumb rested on your clit. I moved it nice and slow. I knew I was driving you crazy. Your hand pulled out my finger, and you unzipped my pants, and slowly pulled out my cock. You started to stroke it, as I continued to rub your hot and wet pussy. My flagpole was standing and waiting for your salute, and salute you did. You faced the other way and backed up on my shlong. I almost shot my load, when your pussy touched my head, but I held back until you "sat" completely down. The both of us moaned at the same time.

You began moving up and down. I held your hips, and guided you. I had to stand and have you lean on my desk, as I slowly and steadily stroked you. I pushed myself all the way in. I could feel the heat of your pussy on my balls. I pulled out and started slamming into your box. It felt so good, that both of us came together. After I finished cumming, I pulled out and sat you in my chair. I spread your legs wide open; opened your lips. I put my mouth around your clit. I hummed, breathed hot air on it, and then I licked you until you squirted me, and came all over my face.....

After we cleaned ourselves up and straighted up the mess, opened up the windows lit a candle, we kissed and you let my business partner in. She said, "Were you two busy in there?" We both smiled and I said, "No, my wife and I were cleaning my office...."

widowsaddiction 47F

12/25/2005 10:37 pm

Great story!!!!

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