All in good time...........  

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12/22/2005 5:02 pm

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All in good time...........

Hello, I'm back... and here we go...

One night I went into the local bar. It was quiet only because it was early. I went to the bar and ordered a whiskey. The bartender said, "Your drinking awfully early aren't you?" I said, "Yeah, I'm just trying to get started early, I have to go home soon and no one's there, so why the hell not?" She just shrugged and said, "Ok, here's your whiskey, now drink it and behave!"

I laughed and said, "Ok, mom, thanks." She laughed and walked away. I sat there and drank my drink and then you walked in. You looked so nice and hot, all I could do is smile and wink. You smiled, very seductively and said, "Hi!" "Hello, how are you?" I said, as I lowered my voice, "Oh, I'm ok. What are you having?" "I'm having plain old whiskey, would you like to join me?" I asked, expecting you to say no, but to my surprise you said, "ok". I looked at you, and you said, "Thanks". I tilted my glass in a salute to you and I drank.

I slowly put my glass down on the bar, and then without asking, another slid in its place. I looked at the bartender, she just shrugged and smiled. I looked at her and I wouldn't say anything, so I picked up my glass and drank it right down. No sooner did I do that, another slid in that one's place. I looked and started to chuckle. You looked at me and said, "You never told me what you were drinking to." I almost slid off of my seat. I said, "Oh, it's my birthday today, and I usually come here to celebrate!" You said, "Happy Birthday!" "Thanks, and may I ask you your name please?" "My name is Tabitha, and your's?" My name is Frankie." We both shook hands briefly. I felt how aroused you were and you felt how aroused I was. I reluctantly let your hand go and you did the same.

I asked, "Would you like to sit some place more private?" You said, "Sure, why not?" So, we moved to a small booth off to the side, and you sat close to me. I smiled and moved away a bit. You looked at me and asked, "Your shy?" I smiled and said, "Just a bit. I just wanted to get to know you, just a little." You smile, and the waiter appeared out of nowhere, and asked if we wanted anything more to drink. I said, "Yes, Tony, can you please bring me the whiskey bottle, I would like to be left alone with my guest, and also can you bring us some steaks, potatoes and salad with Ranch dressing?" After writing down my order, he said, "Thanks, and will do!" After that I adjusted the lighting and relaxed. Tabitha said, "You seem to be well-known here, are you the owner?" "No, I'm just a fixture and I'm good friends with the staff, and I'm just very friendly." I said, smiling and relaxing more.

You didn't say anything else for a while. i said, "I don't mean to show-off, but I though maybe you would be more comfortable sitting in a private booth then sitting in the "public eye". You said, "Thanks, I needed a little privacy and I wanted to meet you. I've seen you on the dance floor, sometimes by yourself, sometimes with another woman. I've asked some of the other bartenders when you come here, and they seemed eager to tell me." I laughed. As the evening wore on, we were getting comfortable, and after we had eaten, the bottle of whiskey was put on my side of the table, along with some ice and two glasses.

Then it all began.... I looked at you and asked, "So, tell me do you have a girlfriend that you're not going home to?" You said, "No, why?" I said, "I just wanted to know, because I've had my eye on you, too!" You almost dropped your glass and I giggled. "No, really?" You asked, amazed. I nodded 'Yes' as I swallowed my drink. You smiled, cleared your throat and asked, "May I come closer to you?" I smiled and said, "Yes". I couldn't resist you any longer, and I moved closer to you and kissed you deeply and slowly.

We came out of the kiss, breathing slowly and full of desire. I said to you, in your ear, "Would you like to go to the bathroom, I think you have something on your dress pants. You said, "N-oh ok." I smiled, stood up and said, "Right this way." We both went into the bathroom and we went into a stall. The bathroom was dimly lit but pleasing, it was a little cold. I said to you, "Here, let me help you with those, if we let the stain set in, you'll never get it out." You took your dress pants off and slid them down. Your legs were nicely shaped and you had on a garter belt and stockings. I looked up to the ceiling and said, "Thank you."

I heard the toilet next to us flush, and I put my finger to my lips so you wouldn't say anything. After the person finished washing her hands and dried them she left.

I said, "Now would you like to sit or stand?" You asked, "And what about you?" "All in good time". After you put the toilet seat lid down, you go up on it and then you sat down on the tank. You opened your legs and I could see your wet pussy just waiting to be eaten. I came closer to you and we kissed again. I put my finger in between your thights and slid it inside of your hot box. You sighed just loud enough for me to hear you, and I started to melt.

Your hands went around my head, and held it there for another kiss, and we kissed a very hot French kiss. My finger could feel your pussy getting so hot, that I thought it would melt. I moved your hips, but I told you to keep still. You did as I asked, and you didn't say a word. I sat down on the toilet seat, facing you nd I lifted you up onto my shoulders. You held onto the bar that was on either side of us. I opened your legs wider, and I separated your lips and I licked your pussy opening. I kissed all around you. I licked you clit, and I blew warm air onto it. You shuddered and sighed. I could smell your pussy and it smelled great. I licked your on your clit and it was getting harder. I lifted you closer to me, and I started to lick your pussy and you just sighed and moaned. I looked up at you while I was down there and you were smiling. So, I continued what I was doing. I slowly licked and massaged your clit with my mouth, and you were slowly moving your hips, because it was feeling too good to stop.

I took one finger out and proceeded to put two. You rotated your hips and said, "Oh baby, it feels so good to me, Please, keep it up". I nodded my head, while at the same time, with my tongue going up and down and along your hardened clit. I could feel myself getting wet and very hot, but I had to "help you come down."

So I proceeded to please you. My two fingers went inside of you slowly and then I wiggled them, and your hips just moved a lot faster. My tongue was concentrating on relieving your clit.
Your breathing was deep, labored and I could hear you getting ready to cummmm....After two more minutes of teasing and playing, you came alll over my face......

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