A hot email from my honey....  

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2/23/2006 10:38 am

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A hot email from my honey....

Hello everyone, well it seems that February is almost gone. But the thing about lust and being horny all the time, it stays with you.

All that I'm asking you to do is to pay close attention. In the parenthesis are my comments.
Thanks and enjoy!

I had just finished cleaning my house, when I decided it was time to read my email. I sat down at my computer and I went to my email. I checked out some emails and I deleted a few. When I came to my honey's, I had a big smile on my face. I hadn't heard from her for a while and I was interested in what she had to say. The title of her email was: Thinking of your hot tongue.

I could feel myself getting hot already. I know my honey has this way of turning me on; to the point of me having an orgasm. I decided that I should change into something nice and comfortable. I came back and relaxed. I began reading:

Hey baby,

As I'm writing this, I'm very horny and I want you to lick me until I explode in your mouth. I'm stroking my breasts and playing with my nipples.... the way that you do. It's making me hot and wet. My clit is getting very hard.

I'm licking my nipples, mmmmmm, they taste so nice. They're hard, baby. Why don't you come and lick them and then nibble on them. Hmmmmmmm? I want you to lick me up and down. I want you to run your tongue all over my bald pussy. Does that turn you on? Does it? If it does, call me. (And to tell you the truth, I was getting very hot and wet myself, but I read on and I could hear her husky voice continuing). "Mmmmm, baby. I can just feel your hands all over me. Your hands are so soft and strong. I like the feel of your fingertips going down my back and teasing my ass cheeks. I like how you are grasping my ass and pulling me to you, in your lust and need." (I began to sweat and pant heavily, she was driving me crazy! I continued to read more!).

"Baby" (She continued). I want you so bad, I can taste you. You know how to fuck me, you know how to lick me, you know what drives me crazy!" Please baby, call me. I want you to come over to my house and fuck me. Please, don't make me wait!"

By the time I finished reading her email, I was already redressed and I pick up my cell phone and was dailing her number. "H-H-H Hello?" A soft and sexy voice replied, "Hi baby, I'll be over in a few minutes, ok?" "MMMMMMMMMMM, ok baby. I'll be waiting for you, hurry! Before we could say 'goodbye' I hung up my phone and I was out my door; I hopped into my pickup truck. When I got to her house and knocked on her door, she opened her door and pulled me in...

As the sun rose, we were wrapped in each other's arms. We were kissing each other sweetly. The both of us were covered in passion marks, my back and ass was covered in scratches. She was covered with marks from a rope, that I used to restrain her with. There were condoms, dental dams, and her toy was across her room. Our clothes led the trail from the front door to the bathroom.

As I rose to dress, I asked her, "Do you want to do this again, tonight?" She pulled me close to her, started to unbutton my shirt and pull down my pants and said, "Why wait?".........

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