Writing down the bones  

BonnieBoy2 57M
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6/5/2006 9:07 am
Writing down the bones

I opened my favorite book on writing, Writing Down the Bones, by Natalie Goldberg. (If you write, get this book!). I took a breath, closed my eyes and opened a page at random. The topic was...Eroticism. Heh, still believe in coincidence? I chose to write on what makes me hot. Here's what came out:

Watching, being watched. Being seen being naughty and knowing the watcher likes what they see. They approve even if they are nervous or shy. In the end they want waht I have, what I'm doing to be done to them. Observation becomes participation. The invisible becomes visible. Taht which was taken for granted becomes seen as if for the first time. They see ME. They feel my power, long for that power to touch them. Sex is worshipping at the temple gates. Ancient symbol of woman: Yoni. Like an Aztec archway, wet and fertile, like soil, earth, mother, goddess. Juicy, pregnant, full of life, lust, passion. Passion is is a fire fanned by two breaths. It must be fed or it will die down to glowing embers, then only warm, then merely cold grey ash. Once the fire is out, how to rekindle it? Where does the fuel come from? Who provides the spark? I'm waiting for lightning to strike, for romance to burst forth in full blaze, like dry California hills in a summer storm. My branches will sear and blacken as orange hot flames shoot up my trunk, my loins will burn and semen will erupt like lava. But the sky is blue and cloudless.

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