My "First" Time  

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10/3/2005 10:48 pm

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My "First" Time

I'm willing to bet there are really only two kinds of initial sexual experiences: the kind you wish you could repeat (if only to get a few things right) and the kind you'd rather forget. Sadly, with human beings, particularly men, being the fucked up animals we are, there are far too many women on this planet who fall into the second camp. Can you imagine what kind of a world this would be if young men and women actually got instruction on how to make their first times enjoyable? If it was ok to acknowledge our biology? And if sexual abuse were treated as the sickness it really is? I know, I know, maybe pigs will fly and the W will become a Sufi and renounce war.

But in my case, I'm firmly in Camp No. 1. I would love to relive my first real sexual experience with a girl. Oh, to go back in time, knowing what I know now! We all have those fantasies, don't we? At least here, in writing, I can step into the way back machine, reel back the years to...I hesitate to state the date, it seems so long ago. I was 14, so you can do the math...

My parents were college professors. It was the '70s. We often went to parties at the houses of one colleague or another. My family was particularly close with with two others (we'll call them the Smiths and the Jones). Both had daughers my age: Lucy Smith and Alison Jones. We'd grown up together from childhood. A few years before, I'd been playing innocent games of strip poker with the Smith clan. We used to put on layer after layer of clothes: 3 sets of underwear, two pairs of pants, 5 shirts, to try and outlast the other kids. But now, Lucy and I are were teen agers.

The adults at the party must have been stoned, because somehow, they thought it a perfectly reasonable idea to put 3 adolescents well into puberty into the same detached bungalow for a "sleep over." Lucy, Alison and I left the party as soon as we could and closeted ourselves away in the guest house. I steered the conversation to memories of our games in years past. Soon, we were playing our own game of strip poker, just the three of us. We quickly found ourselves sitting around in our underwear and I was realizing how developed Alison had become. She had real breasts, and although she was a little pudgy with residual baby fat, she had a very pretty face. (In a few more years, she lost that fat, and her skin cleared up and she blossomed into probably the most beautiful girl I've had the pleasure of making love to.) Lucy, by contrast, was fairly flat chested but also pretty, with long brown hair and doe-like brown eyes.

Our game ground to an embarrassed halt, no one quite sure how to proceed. I was in my fruit of the looms with the biggest erection of my short life, with a half naked girl on either side of me. It is here that I wish I could reappear from the way back machine, in my teenage body with my experienced mind, to direct the situation a little better. But now, as I think of it, several things come to mind. First, I would see us all for the children we were; that's not a sexy thought for me now. The situation was extremely sexy because we were so innocent: having my old perverted mind there now would ruin that. The second thing is, I guess I was doing alright. I mean, how many guys had two girls with them the first time they really made out? Somehow, I got Lucy and Alison to sit next to me, one on either arm. We took turns kissing and fondling each other through our underwear.

At a certain point, I felt I had to make a choice. I just didn't know how the three of us could play together. At 46, no problem, but at 14, well, I had my hands full (literally!) with just one girl. So I did what any red blooded American boy would do: I went for the girl with bigger tits! I told Lucy sorry and Alison and I retired to one of the beds. We turned out the lights and Alison and I took about 2 hours to get each other's undies off. She kept saying, "Do you think that's wise?" (Alison was always about being wise). I'm not really sure what Lucy was doing during this time; probably fingering herself like crazy or designing a voodoo doll to stick me with. Alison and I kissed and kissed and I fondled her big soft breasts and I just kept doing whatever seemed right. Alison seemed to like it and I don't remember too many bumped heads, gouged eyes or other first time mishaps.

Once I'd gotten Alison all the way naked, I realized I really had only a vague understanding of female genitalia. I discoverd lots of curly hair, but never found that thing my friends had told me to expect. Remember, it was pitch dark and we were a little self conscious because we knew Lucy was not asleep, although she wasn't making any noise. For years after this, I wished that I had invited her over, because, as I found out not too long after, she knew a lot more about sex than either Alison or I. But in the end, we gave up and fell asleep in each other's arms.

A few nights later, I snuck into Alison's room at her own house, and we used our fingers to give each other our first orgasms at the hands of another. I remember Alison saying over and over, "I've never done this before." She used her finger tips, and to be honest, her nails kind of hurt, but at the same time, it was so exquisite I couldn't bring myself to tell her how to do things differently.

A day or two later, my friend, Chris, told me that Alison had told him I had a big cock. I assumed a haughty air and replied, "I'll thank her to keep the details of my anatomy to herself!"

After this, Alison and I fell out and I started seeing Lucy. As I mentioned, she knew a lot more about sex than I; she was, in fact, voracious. She gave me my first blow job and finally, took my virginity. At that time, she not only had already had intercourse with another man, she'd made love with two girlfriends at the same time. Ah, those liberal pre-AIDs 70's!

By now, I was turning into an "angry youth" for reasons I'm still not sure I understand. Maybe something to do with my parent's divorce. I broke up with Lucy, and then I moved away to the big city. A few years later, I came back and there was another party at Lucy's house. Lucy had a boyfriend but we invited Alison over. I was stunned when I saw her. She had, as I already mentioned, blossomed into a lovely young woman. As soon as she saw me, she said, "You're not going anywhere tonight are you?" I said a silent prayer of gratitude and said, "Nope."

That's another memory I'll cherish till I part this earth. I guess I've been a luckier bastard more than I give myself credit for.

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