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You are led by the hand to a room. You can't make out any of the details because your eyes are completely blindfolded.

You hear the door shut and a lock being turned. He comes closer to you. You feel a glass at your lips and smell the scent of wine.

"Keep your hands at your sides and do only what I tell you. I control the pleasure this evening," he says, "Drink."

You hear movement in the room, movement other than him. PANIC...who else is here...what is going on?

You start to say, "who..." but he puts his fingers to your lips and says, " no me."

"Ok," you reply.

You take a sip from the glass and feel the warmth in your throat as the wine slips down. Your hands are still at your sides where you were told to keep them. You feel movement but...something is brushing your earlobe. It is light and gentle...his fingers?

You feel the air move about you and then hands are on your top blouse button. There is no pushing or pulling, the button almost seems to come undone on its own. The second follows the first and the third the second and so on. In no time you feel the ends of your blouse coming up from your skirt. You know he is doing it, but the movement is so smooth, it seems as if it is being done by the air.

Music plays gently in the background but that is the only sound. You could be alone, but you know differently. No matter who else is present, he is here and, before he is done, he is going to have you. He is going to push himself inside you, over and over and the lips of your opening will open wide to swallow his tool over and over again. The moisture from you will coat him and your combined juices will be flowing out and down between your legs leaving the wet record of your lust...

Thinking of this, you can sense the eroticism by the wetness growing in your panties. This is definitely different from your other sex partners. With them it was a mad dash to the bed and then strip, suck and fuck as long and as hard as you could. You were fondled, sucked, pounded and flooded: then you both slept and rested a while before starting up again. You are hardly a virgin, feels different now: you are like a flower being opened.

What is even more exciting, even if you don't admit it to the fact that this is going to happen in front of others. You're glad you're blindfolded, since you don't think you could go through with this while watching them. At the same time, you always wanted to be naked and fucked while someone else watched.

Something soft and delicate is moving over your tickles a little but feels wonderful.

He's planting light kisses on the top of each breast followed by gentle stroking with his fingers. It feels sensitive you stimulating. You are growing more aroused...and wet.

There is a tug at the back of your bra strap, then a snap and the bra falls open: he cut it! You start to protest but his finger touches your lips ands he merely says, "no sound."

A finger touches the underside of both hands and raises them slightly. He says, "stay," and then the bra seems to float forward down your arms and over you hands. You're now topless and you can feel your breath increasing slightly now that your breasts are exposed.

You still can't see with the blindfold on, but you can't hear him either: he is being very quiet. All of a sudden something very soft touches your nipples, just for a second. What is it? There it is again, this time going around your nipples, making them very firm. It's circling the entire breast, even the bottom: It feels tickly but wonderful. What is he doing?

You feel something approach you from the front and then you feel a drop of warm liquid hit your breast. Another drop hits the other breast and slowly begins to run down it. He says " don't move."

From behind, you feel his arms circle you and his hands take hold of your breasts. The thumb and index fingers reach up and rub the warm liquid against your protruding nipples, first gently back and forth and then in ever widening circles. You lean back and sigh, maybe even give off a soft sensual moan.

He gradually takes the whole breast in his hand, gently rubbing not only the tops and the nipples but the bottoms making your breasts feel like wonderful objects of sensuality and desire. It feels wonderful until it stops just as suddenly as it started. You feel him back away but you wish he would just continue what he was doing: it felt sooooo nice.

Again the touch! Something is touching your nipples! You feel he is close and you know what it is: it's his tongue gliding back and forth over the tip of the nipples. Not satisfied with the tip, he then once again begins with his circling: first the nipple, then around the nipple, then farther out , father and farther until he is circling the entire breast. It feel so nice, but what about the other one you think.

It's almost as if he read your mind: his tongue moves down from the top of the one breast, through your cleavage and underneath the second breast. His continues the circling of the second breast in smaller and smaller circles. You know where he is going to end: the nipple, just where he started on the first one.

You start to reach for him, but he takes your hands and firmly says, "No honey, I told you to keep your hands still. I know you want to participate, but we are going to do this my way."

You hear him walk away. You can't help but think, 'what the hell is he doing? I'm horny enough to jump him right now...where is he, I NEED IT!"

You hear a soft gentle voice...a female voice... off in the distant say," her tits are wonderful. I wish someone...him or you would do that to me! Here hold my panties."

You're breathing heavily; not just from what he is doing to you but now whoever is there with least two people...are looking at you and masturbating! How you wish you could watch without being seen!

It seems like longer but in reality he returns in just a few moments.

"Put your hands out in front of you, "he says.

You do and then you feel him wrapping something soft around one of your wrists and then the other. He ties the two hands together, one on top of the other. 'This is silly,' you think, 'with my hands this way he won't be able to suck my nipples and THAT IS WHAT I WANT!!!!'

You are about to mention that to him when he pulls you gently by your tied hands.

"Where are we going," you ask.

All he says is, "shhhhhh, no talking."

He walks you several feet and then turns you around. Taking your hips in his hands, he backs you up to the bed and has you sit down on it.. You feel him pull on the material binding your hands and then your hands are pulled up over your head. HE'S TIED YOU TO THE HEADBOARD OF THE BED WITH PEOPLE WATCHING, YOU ARE NOW HALF NAKED AND COMPLETELY AT HIS MERCY!!!!!

Your sense of apprehension is set aside by his lips once again suckling at your nipples...first the right...then the left...then back to the right.

Speaking of the right one, his fingers, re-wetted are playing with the left breast at the same time, keeping the nipple stimulated and sending messages of lust and desire to the dampening wetness between your legs.

His lips stop and then you feel him pinching the nipple, gently at first, then with a more firm touch. His is pulling at it as if he wants it too come out farther. You think, 'Jesus Christ, if you want more of it, just keep sucking it!'

Just then you hear feel something being placed on your nipple. It's gently pinching it but you feel him doing something and the pinch is increasing. You feel a constant pull on you nipple as he lets go of the right one and then goes over and repeats what he did to the left one.

He steps back away from you, but you can still feel the gentle but firm pressure pulling at you tits even without him.

He steps back in, takes hold of your chin, lifts it a little and begins to softly but firmly kiss your lips. As if this isn't wonderful enough, his other hand begins to slide down your side, over your hip, over your thigh, finally coming to rest on the center point of lust...your pussy.

You let out a small moan and he says, "Glad you approve lover."

"Ohh yess, "you sigh.

The voice from the other part of the room agrees. "Oh, he's going to do her. Yes."

You can sense him lower his head...he must be kneeling. Just then icy cold touches your left nipple in its clamp. It is replaced by a warm lapping tongue while the right one receives the touch of cold. It eventually is treated to the same warm as the cycle starts all over again with the ice going all over the breast and winding up at the nipple. A little tugging at whatever is on your nipples is keeping them right at attention if nothing else.

Once again he lift your chin and begins kissing your wanting lips. You waste little time and return his kisses with all the fervor you can.

Kiss...kiss...kiss...kiss...then you fell his hand at your belt! He's opened the belt and now he is opening your jeans! His hand is reaching in! Yess...yess..yesss!!!

You spread your legs slightly as you feel him probe your rampantly wet pussy with his finger!

The kissing, his finger fucking and the tension on your nipples, all take a toll on your sense of time. How long is going to do this? You know it won't be for too long because if he keeps this up you are going to cum! As the same time, you don't want it to stop. You think," my pussy juice is running down my thighs and his hand must be soaked, but just keep going...MAKE ME CUM!'

He stops.

'OH NO,' you think! 'DON'T STOP...PLEASE DON'T STOP!'

You feel his hands on both sides of your hips tugging at your pants...not just your pants but also your panties.

'Yes,' you think, 'he's going to fuck me,' so you try to help him by wiggling your hips to get the pants off faster. It works! He pulls them all the way down and removes them from your feet one by one.

You're no longer concerned about the others in the're too fucking horny! You think, 'if they want to see my cunt getting fucked, fine with long I get fucked!!!'

You then spread your legs as wide as you can with your hands still tied to the headboard so that he stick his cock up your pussy and fuck you. You wait and then you feel his hands spreading the inside of your thighs even farther apart. You're thinking how much you want this fuck.

All of a sudden you feel something stiff enter your pussy, pushing in past the welcoming folds of your lips. You exhale as it goes in slowly but gradually deeper, then pulls back and plunges in again.

Another feeling!


You have his horny tongue driving your hot clit crazy and he is fucking your pussy with a dildo.

Just when you think you can't take any more you feel both of your nipples being pulled on at the same time and then one at a time with his hand.

In the haze of lust, you hear another vibrator going in the room followed by orgasmic moaning...the kind you make when you do yourself. You think, "Whoever the bitch is, she is getting it the same as I am...ooohhh yeeaahh!'

The fucking, the sucking, the pinching/ hear...but you don't...

The dildo pushes in again, this time vibrating in shhiiittt!!!!

Every muscle in your body seems to contract at once..."Yesssssss...Ohhhh Gooodddd...FUCKING YESSS...IIIIMMM CUMMMINGG...YEEESSSS...YEEESSSS...YEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!"


You hang there limp and breathing hard from the intensity of the orgasm. You lie there in peaceful bliss when you hear movement near the bed. Someone leans on the bed...a woman by the scent. It is a scent of perfume, sweat and come. She says, "Newbie honey, you are gorgeous and this has been the most erotic experience of my life. Thank you."

She rises from the bed, says, "Come on; let's leave them their private moments." Footsteps shuffle, a door opens and closes. Silence falls on the room.

He reaches up, unties you and your arms fall around his neck. He removes the blindfold and you see the nipple clamps he has on you and the chain connecting them...that is how he had so many hands.

He lies next to you on the bed and pulls up a soft blanket that he has undoubtedly placed there in anticipation of this outcome. He puts his arm around you, kisses you and says, 'only because I love you."

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