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8/28/2006 11:19 pm

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8/30/2006 7:33 pm

Take it!!

Don’t really know who I am
But do you know who you are
I’m just one in a trillion
On a rock ‘round a star
These thoughts that I’m having
Reverberate in my words
The true ways that I’m feeling
Another voice wanting to be heard
It’s time to end this hypocrisy
With what we call democracy
Just fascist dictatorships
Stealing civil rights from you and me
It’s time to put down all the guns
Time to empty your funds
To help our brothers and sisters
In third world countries abroad
It’s time to clean up our streets
Help the homeless to eat
It’s time to give their souls the attention
They so desperately seek
It’s time to stop all these wars
Fucking call it a draw
It’s time to heal the world
The time is now
So that our kids can explore
The true values of peace
The real depth of mankind
An existence of love and compassion
That our knowledge acquired
A planet evolved
To one spirit revolves
Around the decisions that we make
For what may lie beyond
This existence we live
This one moment in time
We can truly make a difference
If our dreams are aligned
To what we truly believe
To what we know to be real
That no matter what your colour
Race, religion, denomination or creed
We all bleed the same blood
We all live the same life
That’s why we gotta bridge the gap between the classes
If we wanna survive

Copyright ©2006 BonKeRs_1977

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