Stormy weather ahead...  

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10/13/2005 9:54 pm

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Stormy weather ahead...

The clouds flow through your soul and ripple through your heart... ephemeral gossamer threads of moisture that settle but don't stay, that wander of their own will and play lightly with you.

The morning light dazzles through them, though, shimmering their edges, as they fill you with wonder, their warmth ranging far through your heart, but will you hold them? Can you keep the fickle air that flies away?

A fresh breeze plays upon you, flirting freely, a voluptuous thing that seeks you out, to linger through your hair and caress past your face, making you giddy, feeling 16 again.

Slashing flashes. You see the heat lightning on the horizon, dry jagged bolts that slice through the ether, that frighten and startle, an approaching omen, an immutable force that feeds on your lack but cannot enter without permission. You push back. Back, Jack!

But the lightning hid the rain behind, a sweeping gale to immerse you, rivulets wandering down your skyward cheeks, stinging spray to engulf you, to fill you. Will you let it wash you? Cleansing water stays but a little while, its ripples tickling your soul.

Carmel colored clouds, diffused with golden rays of hope spring from afar, rushing through you like a wind tunnel, scooping out old musty fumes, perfuming your inner places, scenting them lightly.

Yes, the weather, it's a changing.

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