Old flame  

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6/14/2005 4:15 am

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Old flame

Old Flame.

I walk into the pet shop, looking for fish food. I find it. As I walk up to the counter, I notice her low cut top, showing off ample cleavage. I think of the endless possibilities….

She interrupts my lustful thoughts “Hi, It certainly has been quite a while since I last saw you!”

I tear my eyes away from her cleavage, looking up into her face. I see her luscious lips, pert nose and there is a naughty sparkle in her eyes. “Do I know her?” the thought races through my mind, looking in all the crevices for some sort of recognition. Then it hits me, we once petted each other heavily in class at varsity. She promised to give me a blowjob later, but we never got around to it.

“You’re right, it has been a long time.” I answer and before I can stop myself, I add “You still owe me a blowjob!”

She blushes a little, giggled and then “A promise must be kept. Meet me here in 45 minutes, when I get off.”

“See you then.” I say and leave the shop without paying for the fish food.

I walk around the mall with a hard on until it is time to get her. When she comes out, I am there waiting like a puppy about to get his food. She looked at the bulge in my pants and remarks that we better hurry to her place.

I open the car door for her and notice that her nipples is rock hard, my dick tries to jump out of my trousers. As I get into the car she says “Let me ease your tension a bit.” As she starts rubbing me through me denims. Instead of easing the tension, she just makes it more intolerable!

We enter the lift to her flat, and we are alone. She undoes my belt and puts her hand down my pants. I fondle her breast with one hand and her ass with the other. The lift doors opens and we untangle. She looks at her hand, pre-cum glistening on her palm. She gives me a wink, then licks her hand clean.

We enter her flat, close the door behind us. She pulls down my pant, my dick freed at last. She starts at my balls and gives me one long lick up my shaft to the tip. Here she lightly nibbles on me. I cant restrain myself and I take her head to force hr closer, but she does not need encouragement, she allows me to enter her mouth. Her tong finds all the right places. Slowly she takes me deeper and deeper until her lips close around the base of my dick. She takes the my full length! She starts pumping me with her mouth, slowly at first, but then faster and faster. With all the anticipation I can not hold back long and my dick soon explodes in her throat. She takes every drop and sucks my dick completely clean.

“You sure know what you are doing!” I compliment her and she replies “ You should experience my pussy.” She leans into me and kisses me passionately, I taste myself in her mouth. She grabs me by the balls and pulls me behind her to the bedroom, she pushes me down on the bed and completely undresses me. I try to return the favor, but she takes my hands away from her and tells me to lie back and enjoy. And what a strip show she gives me, the grand finale being impaling herself on my dick. She orders me to lie still as she fucks me, I comply. She gets frantic with pleasure, her tits keeping the rhythm.

The front door of the flat opens, “Hi Honey, I’m home!” a male voice calls out. I want to jump for the cupboard, but she pins me down. “I’m in the bedroom dear!” she answers him, not missing a thrust. He enter the room, already half undressed, “I see you have started without me!” as he leans over me to kiss her on the mouth. It is a long passionate kiss, exploring each others mouths inside.

His kisses moves to her breasts, he nibbles on her nipples, Her whole body starts to spasm as she orgasms. This send me over the edge and I fill her pussy with seed. Her husbands attention moves lower and I assume that he wants to eat her out.

She un-mount me and the next instant he goes down on me, licking up the mixture of our love juices! She then offers me her cunt to clean out. I circle her lips with my tongue, then I find her clit, I suck if into my mouth and give it a good bashing with my tongue. Meanwhile he is giving me a better blow than she had. She screams with pleasure, pulling herself away from me just as I let out a stream of hot jiz into his face.

She gets onto him immediately in one fluid movement burying his manhood deep in it’s place. She starts to kiss his come cover face, the stops, turns around and says “ Don’t just stand there, fuck my ass!” I think to myself, if not why not and plunge in. After a short while we get a good rhythm going. We all orgasm shortly after one another. Then we just lie there for a while, a heap of sex.

After a while we shower together (and have some more fun in the shower). We then get dressed, have some coffee and I leave.

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