whats goin on?  

Body_Rocker86 30M
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4/18/2006 9:30 am
whats goin on?

so here it is the second post didn't think anyone would read it to be honest but if your ready here we go.

well i don't mean to offend anyone... far from it in fact but i have to ask this question so pls no one get mad. why do some girls need a guy to spend money on them everytime they see them? for me it just takes away so much to at the end of a nite to see how much the last "encounter" cost me. i dunno maybe cuz i'm just a kid but for me it's like if you wanna fuck lets fuck and be happy don't make me buy you things for something you want to happen anyway it just seems silly...

so there it is a question from the depths of my mind. btw if there is something someone wants to talk about with me feel free to leave a post and i'll tell you what i think... how i think may seem alittle odd at first but you'll soon see the method to the madness... unless i'm really mad! so leave a message


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