From whence I came...part 1.1  

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8/6/2006 1:38 pm

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From whence I came...part 1.1

to Fantasylover [blog memberfantasylover_05] et al,

I'm glad some read these blogs. Perspectives create more reflections and introspections, at least in me. Please DO make comments, if you care to so do!

To continue from whence I came, growing up being tall had some advantages. (Aha, now you understand my part 1.1 numbering, eh?) Track meet races had the sweatshirt loaded with shiny gold ribbons. The wee down side of having the coltish long legs was Mom being in dismay with my constant bumps, scrapes and sprains... think she knew then I'd be paying now with rheumatism and arthritis.

My first love, - aah, that delightful heightened sense of being enamoured with a male - was a little red-headed boy in grade one. (I can never still read Charlie Brown's crush on a little red-headed girl without smiling. )

Another girl taught me a lesson, however, as she also liked the redheaded boy, and was jealous of his walking me home all the time. Once, she screamed back down the street to us "Chinky-chinky Chinaman..." and thus my initiation into prejudice and racism, my eventual choices in studies, and my career pursuits, however happenstantial.

Junior and senior high school was really easy, academically, and indeed, even throughout post-secondary and graduate studies. I was blessed (and sometimes cursed, I swear!) with instant visual and auditory memory, right down to the fine lined details of dates and places, publishers and ISBN numbers. That is, if I deigned to look, har! The world of studies was great: black and white, methodologically templated, right way and wrong way.

Little did I know that world doesn't apply to the greys and caveats of real life. And little did I realise no book learning applied to matters of the heart, spiritual quests, and sensual explorations.

Oh, I should mention a couple of incidents during those teenage years which were learning points. One time, the grade 8 social studies teacher told us we'd get deductions if abbreviations were used in our fill-in-the-blank tests. Having that photo memory, of course I expected 100% marks on tests. That *&# teacher marked me down for writing "Doctor" whositz down, rather than putting "Dr." so I only got 98%. Lesson learned: don't trust old maid teachers!

Then in high school, even though I had a querulous crush on the senior Chemistry teacher, I arrogantly informed him I wasn't planning on using the elemental valances to balance chemical equations in my career pursuits, so didn't want to waste time on memorising all the valances, especially as I was far too busy organising musical shows, editing the yearbook, pounding on the piano in the dance band, yadda... He advised me the pre-Christmas exam was 90% on balancing chemical equations, but of course I ignored that. Lo and behold, I was horrified at actually getting the one and only ever mark below A: I failed with a D. (I thought it weird both Mom and Dad didn't flinch when signing that report card. Mom even told me she agreed with my rationale!)

The crazy result of receiving that D was my determination to show I could overcome (esp. as I still had the crush on Mr. Chemistry Teacher). I chose to do research and write the required senior paper on sulphur, with it's multiple, varying valances. I spent weeks scouring the main downtown public library as well as the local university one. After final exams, I got the highest mark throughout the province - and for balancing chemical equations. Sigh... I never knew what happened to Mr. Chemistry Teacher.

I am an emotional ant.


OK, I'll move faster next post, promise.

jeffreyl1 65M  
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8/6/2006 9:05 pm

Perspective, introspection, reflection, etc. are just a simple proof of our selves (cogito ergo sum, after all ). Further, I believe wholeheartedly in an objective reality dispassionately unaffected by belief or perception, but discerning it oftimes requires an anisotropic mindset. New and different perspectives are often the ore from which one mines valuable insights and understanding. And besides, there's the intercourse to be had (the word really only has one meaning, though most think there are two... ).

Suffice it to say I had a couple of my own "adventures" with small-minded and petty teachers in years gone by. They're humorous now, but I recall being mightily distressed at what I thought were grades based on bureaucratic and procedural nonsense rather than any achievement (or lack thereof) on my part.

Unfortunately, I was never quite at ease with my physical or intellectual stature in those years. I slouched a bit in both regards I fear, in response to a mostly unrecgnized desire to fit in, though I thankfully also had other teachers who refused to allow me to slide by.

I awoke one day, and found myself an honors math major at Ohio State (as a freshman, mind you) whose degree program was already laid out and approved clear through a doctorate. It probably would have been a good plan, had it not been something I'd allowed myself to be herded into with very little thought or motivation of my own. Ah, the vanities of youth ... I left, disenchanted and impatient. Once in a while, I regret it (or perhaps more accurately, simply wonder where that other road might have led), but only mildly when I do so, for life beyond the ivory tower has proved to be ... well ... interesting, to say the very least. But then, that's the nature life ought to possess, isn't it?

I suspect I am, in truth, an intellectual grasshopper, however.

ps - I find nothing untoward about your pace ... it is, after all, your blog....

Bobbingjoy replies on 8/7/2006 7:49 am:
Thank you, Jeffrey. Drats: you've made me hunt for my dictionary... and it didn't list "anisotropic".

Hmm, methinks objective reality, separate from belief or perception, may exist in a time-space continuum somewhere, but far, far away from human grasp. Maybe once our souls leave the earthly bodies' restrictions, join the great energy ball in the beyond, we might approach full understanding. Until then, at least for me, it's all linked inextricably with perception, coloured with our beliefs.

LOL, such a complex rationalisation about silly teachers exercising their wee bits of power! But hey, if it works...

Actually, I was, by happenstance, very much encased in that ivory tower well after officially graduating. I'll write more about that later.

Keep your comments coming, whenever the mood hits. I really enjoy such intercourse!


jeffreyl1 65M  
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8/9/2006 11:41 pm lists "anisotropic" as an antonym for "isotropic.". What I undertook to convey in a word is that we are indeed subjective beasts and though my stated belief about objective reality is essentially just a rehashing of the physical notion of isotropy of space and time, sometimes one has to factor that subjectivity, of both others and ourselves, into an attempt to discern that reality.

Perhaps another way to say it is that we all perceive reality from different and unique angles. Though these unigue perspectives can indeed produce differing assessments, reality cannot be altered simply by popular vote, misconception and/or the dictates of a manipulative few, though the lesson (or one of them) of the time-honored fable about the emperor's new clothes is reality can in fact be effectively ignored, though usually to the ultimate detriment of those who choose to do so.

Or something along those lines ...

Then of course, there's revisionism, which is a whole 'nother can of worms insofar as "reality" is concerned....

Actually, those few teaching misfits I ran into over the years were simply "silly teachers exercising their wee bits of power," something I was both aware and disdainful of at a very early age. I was rationalizing far more about my own behavior than any of theirs, I think, LOL!

Me too, by the way (on the enjoying such intercourse thing...). There are undoubtedly ways to communicate beyond the verbal, but words, properly chosen and employed, are such elegant vehicles for the conveyance of concept....

And, my handle notwithstanding, I am usually just ...

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