Bittersweet. An aquired taste.  

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10/19/2005 9:14 am

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Bittersweet. An aquired taste.

I wrote an email about a lost love today. I can't help but be melancholy about it. This will not have a bit of humor in it. I intend to serve emotion with bittersweetness today. Since it's an aquired taste, don't feel badly if you fail to see its dark beauty.

Lust is not your friend. It slaps you on the back,laughs at your jokes, agrees with your ideas, but lust is not your friend. A real friend doesn't change. A real friend wouldn't take advantage of your trust. Let me tell you, lust is just waiting for its replacement to arrive. It will leave you in your awkward moment, just when you need it most.

The conversation with yourself would then go something like this:
*Self*: Where did lust go?
*Love*: Away for a bit. What do you think of me?*Self*: Oh,your just ..uhmm.. We can be with Lust too, right?
*Love*: Oh, yea, sure; I don't mind. As long as I'm special.
*Self*: I know you are but I don't mind it when Lust leaves for a bit, how will I feel when you leave?
*Love*: I won't ever leave you.
*Self* (looking at watch): Oh, you don't say? Is Lust coming back soon?
*Love*: I'm what you were looking for when you found Lust anyway, right? Besides, Lust left you. Lust is not your friend, I am.
*Self*: But you said you would never leave. Will you always be pleasant to be around?
*Love*(thinking): In different ways. That's why I'm special. That's why you were looking for me in the first place.
*Self*: So you will always taste sweet to me? *Love*: I won't always make you feel good, if that's what you mean. I'm very truthful. I'm the most honest emotion there is.
*Self*(looking around nervously): Wonder where Lust is? I understand Lust better. Maybe Lust would always taste sweet to me.
*Love*: Sure, when it's around, but you don't feel it when it's gone do you?
*Self*(contemplating): No, I can hardly remember what it was like even. I guess it's not so sweet.
*Love*: See there! When I'm gone not a day will go by that you don't feel me.
*Self*: But you said you would never leave me. *Love*: Oh, yea, see, that's the not sweet part. I'll be here, but I won't. You can taste me forever but only the first time once. I am sweet and bittersweet. I comfort and torture. I am special.
*Self*: Yes, I see that. Well, I'm going to look for Lust now.
*Love*: Fine then, but everytime you see Lust you'll think you might be seeing me.
*Self*: That's the "not ever leaving" part, right?
*Love*: The first time you felt me, you felt me forever.

The last line says everything I wanted to say. Love is bittersweet, an aquired taste.
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